Singapore you’re in the list!

Before going to India a few years ago my India-phile friend Joe said to my clean-freak wife, “You will HATE it. Hate it. HAAAAAAAAAAATE IT!!!!!” “Why?” she asked. “Because it is filthy.” Fast forward to last week. “You will hate Singapore. HATE it! HAAAAAAAAAAATE it!” My wife said to me. “Why?” “Because it is so […]…

Sicily: art, history and gastronomy

The Archaeology, Art and Culture of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful island! Discover thousands of years of art history, visit the most magnificent monuments of classical times, the mosaics of the Roman Villa del Casale and on to the purity of the Quattrocento in the art of Antonello da Messina.Experience and taste the variety and complex culinary in Sicily, the result of thousands of years of history.

Dubrovnik, “The pearl of the Adriactic”.

Like heaven on Earth with its rich architectural heritage, stone palaces and medieval monasteries, Dubrovnik has once again become a holiday destination as well as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Greetings from London!

Take the best of life, travel to London. Pubs, free tours, free museums and shopping. Take a break, drink tea. Check out Timeout, the best resource when visiting London used by locals and tourists.

Explore Indonesia Archipelago

Many places around Indonesia Archipelago are interest to explore both land and sea, there are numerous of exciting activities to be done.From surfing in wave to the spectacular panorama of underwater.

Transports and tours in Europe

Eurostar, Eurotúnel, Venice Simplon Orient Express, The Jacobite. Trains in Switzerland.Travel in the amazing European Capitals of Culture. Flight away with Turkish Airlines.

Visit Malaysia!

“When you travel, remember that a foreigner country is not designed to make you comfortable, it is designed to make its own people comfortable.” Clifton Fadimon

What is life about?!Wishes of happy holiday!

Every day, life can get better! And if it doesn’t look back and you may change your mind! 3 years ago I traveled alone as I usually do and visit Denmark, Sweden and on my way back home I did a small tour in Paris.France has been ever my favorite country.” Les chateaux, les magasin,…

The Schist Villages in Portugal

Discover Portugal through history, religion, architecture, gastronomy, ecology and culture. Côja and the Protected Landscape of the Serra do Açor and Benfeita trail. Eco friendly and familly destination.