# 5 top sorts of tourism

Sorts of tourism

Tourism is not just holiday. Tourism involves everyone that spends 24 hours outside his residence for leisure, business, religious practice or/and to solve health issues…

If for some travelling means lying on the beach doing nothing or playing with the kids for others 3 intensive days in Paris after museums or cabarets would certainly be paradise.

Eco Tourism attractions in Mexico and Costa Rica to mention just a few also move billions of people. There are tons of volunteer programs which allows you to discover destinations. But, don’t pay for that. Volunteers should be reward for the contribution they give.

Unesco World heritage offers Cultural Tourism in Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Thailand and Japan and they are a great sort of inspiration. The list is fortunately long and we will discuss the topic.

Spain, TOP touristic destination in 2016 is well know for religious tourism. The pilgrims take their way in “Camino de Santiago” all year round.Barcelona hosts tourists for art & culture as well as food markets and coffee shop terraces.The city is always full of business travellers and it can be hard to get accommodation unless you’re willing to pay.

Religious Tourism in Spain, France (Lourde) and Vaticano City.

Even though tourism is usually associated to holiday the truth is that it is much more than that. Business Tourism make people travel to international events, etc.

We had a long way to make Medical Tourism rank for one of the TOP SORTS OF TOURISM!

Airlines are competitive now…

Yes, we are all after entertainment, great adventours, culture, religious trails, events and business conferences. The thing is that for most of us travelling is a must and for much others an obligation. Despites all the facts we take advantage of what destinations have to offer and usually we do not need to be to curious to move a few miles and discover the most amazing attractions just next door.Inspiring locations and loads of reasons to travel await for you in the following blogs.

Take the best of life, travel !!







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