1 billion reasons to visit Spain

Viva la Espana, laTomatina y El Rey!

To my neighbors, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The image above is not “spaguetti al pomodoro”. This is La Tomatina, one of the most funny events in the entirely world. Welcome to Spain! 

This country is affordable for holiday and fun is guaranteed and we can also ensure the best night out in the world. Get ready, we’re in Spain. This destination is so rich that better you organize yourself for a non-stop voyage! There are tons of touristic attractions that it is really up to you find what suits you better. Spending time eating tapas and paella while drinking  Rioja sounds great. 

Visiting museums and clubbing is certainly other option. You may prefer to lay down at the beach resort doing absolutely nothing. For those who prefer cruising instead in the Mediterranean Barcelona can be a good starting point. Hey, don’t forget… shopping is amazing in Spain. Do not miss the Spanish brand El Corte Ingles.

#8 cultural tourism attractions

Museum del Prado

Palácio Real de Madrid – Viva el rey

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

Flamenco dance in Sevilla Southern Spain. Rich Cultural heritage

Ibiza – God’s finder, El dedo di Dios

The Running of the Balls in Pamplona – Yes, dangerous

Plaza Mayor in Madrid– be careful. Unfortunately you can easely “loose” your stuff…

Mézquita – Catedral de Córdoba

Calat Alhambra in Granada

Sagrada Família

Peaks of Europe is a top recommendation for all nature lovers, camping fanatics and walkers. Probably the most wonderful region in the world (after La Bretagne in France…of course!)

4# Theme parks in Spain for families

Siam Park in Tenerife


Parque de atracciones Tibidabo in Barcelona


Terra Mítica is a theme park fulfilled with attractions in Benidorm. For more information, please visit


Isla Mágica theme park in Sevilla


5# Clubbing highlights in Spain you cannot miss

Ocean beach Ibiza is a luxury poolside in San Antonio and you can party daytime or nighttime

Berlin Cabaret in Madrid is crowd from youngers to adults. You can watch shows and party all night long.

Also in Madrid Kapital has seven dancing floors and bars. From karaoke to house and pop music you will find it all.

Marula Café in Barcelona – God bless us with tons of music!

Pacha exists since 1967 and is well recommended. In Ibiza there are parties every single day so kindly visit the calendar at http://www.pachaibiza.com/es/events

For Flamenco events across Spain kindly visit http://www.flamencotickets.com/

For detailed information about events and all sort of tourism attractions in Spain and elsewhere we recommend https://www.tripadvisor.com.br/





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