Beer Festivals in Belgium


La biere en fêtes welcomes us in Belgium all year round for a tasty and memorable beer experience

Best beer in the world

“The entrance is free, the tastings have to be paid”.


North Sea Beer Festival

It takes place in Ostend, Belgium at the end of August of 2016.

You can find the exact dates at


Belgian Beer Weekend

The magic La Gland Place in Brussels ! From Friday the 2nd to Sunday the 4th of September. A great reason to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Taste Belgium! Check out the local tourism at

In a funny and attractive way the local tourism promotes the event by saying “The entrance is free, the tastings have to be paid”. We certainly will!

Modest Bier festival

In Antwerp in the early October. The beer festival takes place this year the 2nd and 3rd.


Zythos Bier Festival

In the city of Leuven, the festival takes place every year at the end of April. Next 2017, the 22nd and 23rd. Please, kindly visit for detailed information and contacts.


Bruges Beer Festival

Also next year in the first weekend of February 2017



Christmas Beer Festival Essen

In Antwerp close to the Dutch border this event takes place just before Christmas holiday. The food offer is traditional such as sausages, cheeses and beef steaks. Soups are always in high demand as a popular dish in many European countries.

There are many more! Maybe next time!


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