TOP Cuba Attractions

Hemingway in Cuba

the much-traveled journalist, writers, and Nobel Laureate found safe get stimulating haven on this lovely Caribbean islands.

3 Cigar Factories to visit

Partagas Cigar Factory in Havana City

El Laguito Cigar Factory in Havana City

Romeo y Julieta Cigar Factory

Visit the Cuban cigar factory here!

3 Old American Cars in Havana City

Buick 1950 Cabriolet

Chevrolet Deluxe 1949 Cabriolet

Chevrolet Impala Cabriolet

3 Theme Parks in Cuba

Varadero Dolphinarium Blanco key at Varadero Beach

Cienfuegos Dolphinarium, a unique and wildlife experience

Baconao Dolphinarium, a 44 km distance from Santiago de Cuba

Mojitos – Where to drink them?

Everywhere, all the time! Certainly the best cocktail ever with strong history.

Must see in Havana

La Bodeguita del Medio, a little bar in the Old Havana, is another of the Hemingway’s holes.

La Habana Vieja. La Plaza Vieja in Old Havana is perhaps the city’s most beautiful square.

La Fontana Restaurant

Torrean de La Chorrera

Hotel Nacional de Cuba / Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso was built as a social center for the Galicians in Havana / Beautiful decay: the architecture in Havana is faded, charming and photogenic / Musicians in Havana are everywhere and the sounds of Son Cubano rings through the streets.

The World Monuments Watch Fund is a New-York based non-profit organisation dedicated to preserving and protecting angered works of historic art and architecture around the world.

The National School of Art, Santa Teresa de Jesus Cloisters both in Havana and San Isidro de Los Desfiladeiros in Trinidad are on the list. found safe get stimulating haven on this lovely Caribbean islands. From colorful streets to new venues, catch the rhythm of life in Havana.

The official website provided with all the information to American citizens aiming to travel to Cuba. Have a look at


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