TOP attractions of Portugal

Portugal - UNESCO World Heritage

Portugal is a country with a lot to offer: beach destinations and nautic sports, culture, hancraft markets, food festivals, a giant list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Lisbon and Porto are now competing for the 1st destination most visited in Portugal but there are much more attractions in between. Coimbra ant its University, the sencond oldest in Europe, listed at the world heritage and Queima das Fitas, one week festival of music celebrated by the students and people from all over the country and abroad.

The students

University of Coimbra – UNESCO World Heritage

Guitarra portuguesa

Guitarra portuguesa, exclusively from Lisbon

eletrico para Sintra

Have you heard about Sintra?!!!

Visit Casa do fado in Lisbon to go deeper in portuguese culture through music.

The Madeiran Arquipelan together with The Golden Island (Porto Santo) are worth a week visit. Porto Santo has a 9 km of gold sand and one of the best attractions are the sand treatments for the bones.

Porto Moniz

Porto Moniz swimming pools at the North of Madeira are nature perfection.

The following picture represent DISCOVERY of the portuguese and the world. They have been everywhere and they were very rich.


The food culture is strong and rich. From Codfish cooked in 1000 ways, feijoada brazilien way, caldo verde soup, açorda.You will never get bored with portuguese gastronomy. Great wines with an expresso coffee at the end of the meal(bica or cimbalino). The Vinho verde is also unique of Portugal and really, really, really good. That one goes certainly to the Top attractions of Portugal. If you visit Portugal don’t miss the chance to taste it!

Moliceiro in Aveiro

Moliceiro from Aveiro, the portuguese people is proud of its culture.

Last year, Ryanair (the low-cost) started selling Azores and it took the 9 islands to the rank of best destinations. Much different from all the other portuguese regions the attractions and the people will always be unforgettable.






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