La Bella Italia

La Bella Italia

Capa Italia

Italy is one of the most visited countries in Europe and all over the world. Italy is rich in culture, gastronomy and it has some of the oldest universities in the world such as Bologna and Padua. Besides The Pope Francisco welcomes you in the Vatican City. It’s a glamorous place where one has to visit at least once in a lifetime. Italy is world-known for the rejuvenating effects of its thermal spas. Lombardy and Tuscany are some of the good regions to refresh…

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Therms of Saturnia
Therms of Saturnia


Relax in Italy!

The gastronomy itself invites to stay longer, besides one can get a cruise, lye on the beach in Costa Esmeralda in Sardinia island, at Amalfitana coast drink a limoncello and it will always be a pleasure to visit Sicily island and taste homemade Pesto sauce. Please, note that the original pesto is original of Genova. However, it will always the tomato sauce “al Pomodoro” as they call it that we delight ourselves most of the times. Spaghetti, pizza, espresso coffee or latte, cappuccino and great wines. Oh, yes…grappa. But take it easy as it is very strong. Prosecco is also something you must try as you can only find there. It’s sparkling wine and very pleasant. San Pellegrino is the water they prefer. Gelattos as many as possible.

Bruschetta Bar
Bruschetta Bar


Visit Venice and Verona

For absolute and unique experience, visit Venice. The Channel and Piazza de Sao Marcos are worth the visit and it will be a memory for a lifetime. Also in the North in Verona, Romeo and Juliet await and the Opera is a bit of Magic. Have lunch in the Lake of Garda or the Lake of Como.


Verona: Romeo and Juliet balcony
Verona: Romeo and Juliet balcony

We would like to point Siena as one of the most beautiful places and cities in the world and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you do not wish to spend much money in Italy you can get great accommodation in Monasteries.

Take the best of life, travel to Italy!!!


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