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Understanding Japan’s Geisha

Despite an obvious western curiosity with geisha, they remain hidden in a cloak of secrecy. Geisha are not prostitutes or concubines if anything they are the same as hostesses. Geisha do not master the erotic talents; these duties are reserved for women called yugos. Comparatively, geisha go through intense training learning only the traditional Japanese arts. Geisha are very respectable women in Japan’s society and would never routinely indulge in relationships with different men.

Recommended attractions in Japan

The Isumi Railway is a railway that travels from Chiba Prefecture’s “Ohara Station” to “Kazusa Nakano” station. The path the railway travels is rich in nature, which makes this local railway line feel peaceful. It is especially beautiful during spring when the rapeseed blossoms bloom.



Isumi Railway, Japan


Duration: 1 hour

Open 7 days a week

Honshu, Japan

Honshu is regarded as the Japanese mainland. Much of the country’s early history took place in its southern region. The Pacific coast is the country’s main economic centre, lined with the metropolitan areas of Tokyo–Yokohama, and Ōsaka–Kōbe. Honshu contains Japan’s largest mountain, Mount Fuji, and its largest lake, Lake Biwa.

Honshu, Japan
Gorge, Miyazaki, Japan Takachiho

Gorge, Miyazaki, Japan Takachiho

Waterfalls cascading from precipitous cliffs. A village of myths, known for Yokagura, traditional sacred music, and dancing.



The cherry blossoms are known worldwide – Sakura




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