Sardinia – the island with thousand faces

Marine protected areas in Sardinia

The Asinara island is one of the most spectacular islands on the Mediterranean Sea. It has a long history as a penal colony.img_20160909_143150

Capo Caccia – the area of Punta di Giglio and Capo caccia is an underwater cave paradise. The Grotta di Nettuno are home to caverns rich of stalactites and stalagmites.

Tavolara – Capo Coda Cavallo ,the marine area in the north east of Sardinia has species of rare beauty.Some are Erodium coricum and Asperula deficiensand only grows here.

Sinis Peninsula -this marine area comprisis the Sinis Peninsula,the Island of Mal di Ventre and the Catalan cliff.

Capo Carbonara – emerald waters and metaphysical landscape.This protected Area near Villasimius and the island of San Pietro it’s an excelente balance between nature and history.

Asinara National Park 

Asinara is located in the northwestern part of Sardinia, has an area of about 52 sq km and a length in a straight line of more than 18 km. The width, in the biggest part, is 7 km, and 260 m in the narrow one. It reaches a maximum height of 408 m in Punta Scomunica.

The Island of Asinara can be reached from Porto Nuovo at Stintino and from Porto Torres, where visitors will find information and ticket booths.


Alghero – An open air museum The coastal areas of Sardinia attracts the largest flows of summer seaside tourists.


The Cave of Neptune is one of several classic tours

One of the most fascinating natural jewels in the entire Mediterranean basin, the grotto is a veritable geological wonder that attracts over 150,000 visitors per year. It is accessible by sea which we absolutelly recommend but also by car.

Visit Sardinia!



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