National Park of La Maddalena’s Archipelago

National Park of La Maddalena Archipelago
National Park of La Maddalena’s Archipelago

We took mjtours boat tour at the cost of 35 EUR lunch included! Drinks available at 1 EUR.

3 reasons to visit: beaches, the seaside, and nature. Eco-friendly destination as well as a fantastic archipelago to visit with your children. Sardos are extremely friendly.

La Maddalena is paradise in Europe!

Rock of the Witch, La Maddalena boat tour

Rock of the witch is one of the many touristic attractions of the boat tour. You will never understand how it looks like until you see it and many more…

Take the bus and visit Caprera Island
The Ghost of Caprera (take the bus!)

Caprera island is the only one out of seven reachable by car. It costs 3 EUR for the return ticket. As far as we could see this probably the most beautiful. It’s wild and quite. Take a break and visit Caprera island. Also, it’s important to mention that you can visit Garibaldi Museum – “Museu Garibaldino“.

Spiaggia Rosa in Budelli Island
The National Park of the Archipelago La Maddalena

is a vast and protected geo-marine Park composed of a group of seven islands situated to the north-east of Sardinia. For great info regarding the animal species, have a look at

La Maddalena has 18 properties.

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Historical City in Maddalena’s Island

Sardinia, the face of paradise!

The Mediterranean and Coast of Gallura




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