365 days of sunshine in Morocco

Welcome to Morocco! 

here is a little bit of everything…or a huge something! Sunshine all over the year, motivated and friendly people experienced in the tourism field, awesome hotel resorts, fantastic riads.

Happy and friendly people at Oujda’s souk
Never so close from Algéria, stay safe.

Gastronomy has particular taste from what europeans are used to and the term “tagine” is always on the menus. Do not expect to find alcohol unless in a all-inclusive resorts, however the mint tea will be always offered to you,several times a day! Mint tea is the welcome drink.

What regards religion and its culture there are a few things that you have to take into consideration to show respect and be respectable even though the people are used to tourists as tourism is the main source of income.Dress properly: biquinis are used inside the resort and close to the swimming pool. Ladies, if you want to show off try another country. Shoulders covered and legs as well.This is just an advice.

Marocco is affordable for everyone and it has great connections from Madrid – Spain (Ryanair los cost often at the price of 20 EUR and never much more thank 150 EUR). You cannot miss the souks, the camel rides and the desert tours.Tips are welcome and if you can please do so.Unemployment there is high and wages are close to miserable.If by chance you need a good guide, please leave a comment and I’ll connect you with a reliable touristic professional guide with great Spanish and French Knowledge.There are many good international hotel chains but mainly in Marrakesh. Great people make great destinations and Morocco deserves more than a visit.Travel as much as you can and visit Morocco!


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