Bellagio, where my spirit breaths

Bellagio, Italy

“Exploring” the Lake from the lake

In 1826, with the launch of the steamboat called “Lario”in Como, the first regular boat service started off. At presente, the hydrofoils and big motor shops that leave very frequently from the piazza Cavour, touch the main centres of the lake and go as far as Colico. Gambling – Tables, Culture and Cordiality.

An ” exclave” in the Swiss territory, whose origins date back to far-off times, when it was given as a gift by Totone, a Longobarda land-owner, to Saint Ambrogio’s Church in Milan in 777.

Bellagio, where the artists and the monarchs used to reside

This wonderful place has seen the passage of many personages who,with the passing of time, have become almost legendary:kings and empresses, writers, poets and musicians.Franz Liszt for example composed here his ” Dante Sonata”, as stated by a plate along the main stairway Serbelloni.


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