Tea Culture Worlwide

“Tea is an amazing drink.It has started wars, formed the economic backbone of several countries, is drunk on every continent and is now being hailed as a drink that can even extend life itself. Whatever it is, for me it is one of life’s essentials”.

Giles Hilton –

Master of tea Europeans that made the tea's history

Sir Thomas Lipton (1850-1931)


Madame de la Sabliere
Madame de la Sabliere in 18th century, the suspected custom of taking tea with milk is attributed to her.

3 is the magical number! Visit http://www.whittard.co.uk and the Twinnings store at the Strand, London.Easy walk from Trafalgar Square. A must for tea lovers.d3d342b82b9eecb8179f201d12f57edc


Catarina de Bragança

The tea influence in England by the portuguese Catarina de Bragança.

Infuse…help youself with a cup of tea…Gorreana, the only tea plantation in Europe! Gorreana, in São Miguel, at the amazing Archipelago of Azores. Masala Chai Tea in India, all sorts of tea in China, from white to blue.The traditional Moroccon Mint Tea.Black tea with milk in the UK.The japanese ceremony and its culture. The historical sights in China, the tea tours in the U.S.

10 Tea Traditions Worldwide and Tea Consumption!


Chinese Porcelain


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