Azores: Journey of a Lifetime

Azores – A Marine Paradise

A compact archipelago of tiny islands where the sperm whale  and dolphin watching are pointed as the highlights.

Marine sightseeings in Azores

Lucky you if apart from whales and dolphins incedently watch the superfast marlins, turtles, swordfish, sharks and seabirds. The boat tours companies cannot gurantee but take the chance and go!

Azores a Ecoturism Secret Resort

Ecotourism, top gastronomy, whales and bird watching, trials & boat tours.Biking and hiking, water sports.An endless adventure.Welcome back to Portugal.We bring good news.From December 2016 on, Ryanair has a new destination to offer at the price of 19.99 This time Lages at Ilha Terceira and Lisbon (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) and to Porto (Tuesdays and Saturdays).We glad to count 1.000.000 Tourism visita last year.Fortunally and with so much to offer Azores is finally competing with wonderful Madeira.For fans of sports both islands have amazing international events all year round.Because we care about communities and don’t want to leave tourism behind we say “CHEERS AZORES”.We remain making efforts and hoping to see Ryanair, Easyjet or Transavia flying direct from Lisbon or Porto to the golden island.Is already time to take the best of Portugal by offering this amazing ECO destination all year round.

Gorreana, the only tea plantation in Europe – Azores

National Geographic Holand and Belgium has voted Azores the most beautiful destination in the world.Have a look at

Terceira Island

Angra do Heroismo, in the central area, Terceira Island is listed at property which belong to Unesco World Heritage. If you plan a visit, please see

Flores, Pico, São Miguel, Terceira...
Flores Island

You can also check out

If we can be of help comment bellow.

Top attraction:
Top attraction, the typical dish “cozido das furnas” Being prepared.
Pico Island - Azores
Pico Island

Find out here why is Portugal magic! I love my country.

Yes, this is for real: São Miguel -Azores

Take the best of life, travel to Azores !!!


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