Secret destinations – Siberia

Siberian tourism and travel events.

The North Express and the Audacious Trans-Siberian Express

In remote Russia, the Tsar had come to the conclusion that more comfort was needed on the best train linking Kiev with Odessa, and as early as 1864 the service began offering primitive bed carriages with armchairs in which passengers could lie down.

In February 1882, Nagelmackers sent the Count de Chazelles to negotiate with the Russians. This resulted in an agreement permitting Wagons-Lits vehicles t run over the Russian State Railways from the Wirballen (the German frontier station).

Thus, in 1884 Nagelmackers Nord-Sud Express was born. It would run in one train station from St. Petersburg to his hometown, Liège.

The first Russian-built Wagons-Lits (in 1887 Nos. 211-215 for St. Peterburg-Warsaw) came from the Russian-Baltic Wagon works at Riga, which together with the Upper Volga wagon works at Twer, supplied some 50 vehicles, mostly sleepers with some diners, to CIWL.

In the 1930s, the Soviet Union once again opened the trans-Siberian to foreigners, the classes of travel being hard, soft and international.

Two through sleeping-car services join Moscow with Peking, one through Mongolia past Ulan Bator-the capital-over a new line. This reduces the distance to 7,865 kilometers instead of 9,001 kilometers by the old route via Harbin (Pinkiang), still followed by the second service).

The best of Siberia!

The best way to discover Siberia is certainly across the Trans-Siberian Railway

The Russian Trains - Siberian Experience

The Russian Trains – Siberian Experience

The Russian train experience

The Trans-Siberian Railway has many routes; however, the main one is that which starts in Moscow and goes east to Vladivostok. The Trans-Siberian splits off into a few other interesting directions as well. In 1891, approval was given to begin construction of this railway across Siberia, linking Moscow to the Pacific. The route was divided into six sections for construction. If you wish to sandwich your trip with stays in Moscow and Beijing, both of which offer a feast of history and culture.

Lake Baikal

Because it is situated in a pretty remote location in Siberia, Lake Baikal is not frequented by many tourists. Get a window seat as the train loops around the lake – the deepest and oldest lake in the world.

However, there are some places where you could stay and visit the surroundings of the lake.

By far the most popular destination for tourists is the village of Listvyanka. It is located less than 2 hours away from Irkutsk, a city which is served by international airlines.

Lake Baikal Fauna & Flora

Lake Baikal formed 25 million years ago, provides a haven for 1,200 animal species, 600 types of plants, and the world’s only freshwater seals.

Kazakh Eager Hunter, Mongolia

Of these plants and animals, 75 percent are found only in the Lake Baikal region, making its preservation crucial.

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal


• IEC Novosibirsk Expocentre, Novosibirsk, Russia

Sections of the Exhibition:

  • Tour operators;
  • National tourist offices;
  • Tourism Authorities of the Russian Federation regions
  • Accommodation facilities;

The exhibition SITT features a special attendee support program “Professional Guest” focused on the professionals from Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk, Barnaul, and Tomsk. Within the framework of the program, the specialists from these cities can benefit from a free courtesy vehicle to the International Exhibition Complex “Novosibirsk Expocentre” and back.

If you plan your journey by yourself and need a hotel discount you can get it here.

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