#13 Top Saigon’s attractions


Ho Chi Minh City

#1 War Remnants Museum. This museum established in 1975 show images showing the brutality of war. Hard to see and good to face. Go for it.

#2 Visit the Cu Chi Tunnels for an understanding of the Military tactics.

#3 Cao Dai Temple

For more about Saigon visit the website at https://theworldandmylaptop.com

#4 Jade Emperor Pagoda

#5 Bitexco Tower and Sky Deck

#6 Mariamman Hindu Temple

#7 Reunification Palace

#8 Binh Tay Market

#9 Ho Chi Minh Central Post Office, designed in beautiful French colonial style, the post office was built between 1886 and 1891.

#10 Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most proeminentes architectural marvels in the city and was built in 1877.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Vietnam. For more on Saigon visit the website at https://theworldandmylaptop.com

#11 The Book street has been opened to the public since early 2016. The pedestrian street runs between Nguyen Van Binh, by the Saigon Central Post Office, and Gai BA Trung. Here, one can find calligraphists and new publications but not many English titles.

#12 The Women’s Museum take you back to the war and we learn about the role of the women. As sad as beautiful but so important to understand their culture! I do recommend it besides we’ll understand the Vietnamese so much better. This museum is dedicated to Vietnamese women and has exhibitions with focus on ethnic dress, jewelry and WOMEN’s STRUGGLES. It shows the invaluable contribution made by women in the fight for independente.

#13 The markets are usually my favourite spots and hanging out there with local friends turn the experience better. I’ve seem dogs and frogs. The Binh Tay Market of Cholon is a mix of French and Chinese architecture and was built in 1928.

After one year in Asia and playing fairly I always like to mention the Vietnamese coffee and the Vietnamese food. Both the best in Asia. When cooked by friends, even better. Thank you!

Pho Bho. Love it in Vietnam. For more on Saigon and Asia visit the website at https://theworldandmylaptop.com



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