“Camino de Santiago” or “Way of St.James

Camino de Santiago

7769464986e88bd4bbd2b53255f47262Camino de Santiago or The Way of St James is a medieval pilgrimage route which developed after the discovery of the tomb of St James the Apostle in Galicia in about 812;

the pilgrimage’s popularity was at its height in the 11th and 12th centuries, resulting in the legacy of many churches and chapels along its various routes.They leads to the tomb of St. James the Apostle in Santiago de Compostela.From the four traditional ¬†gathering places in France (Paris, Vezelay, Le Puy and Arles).

Santiago de Compostela: European City of Culture in 2000

The Feast of St James is celebrated in Santigo de Compostela the 25th of July.

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