Rainforest at The Panama Canal

The Rainforest at your fingertips

Tours and attractions 

The Rainforest with lush tropical vegetation and myriad of sounds and sights provides the perfect combination of the highest nature encounters. The history of the Panama Canal also offers the perfect setting for magical getaway experiences for travellers.

Main Attractions

#1 Panama Canal Experience will transport you to the different historical eras of Panama: from the Pre-Colombian days to the Conquistadores and Pirates days in search for “El Dorado”; to the building of the Panama Canal

#2 Rainforest Aerial Tram and Observation Tower, the Rainforest Aerial Tram is a unique eco-tourism experience. The guided excursion allows visitors to discover the beauty of air plants, birds and wildlife

#3 Local Fauna & Flora Educational Exhibits

#4 Birdwatching at world famous Pipeline Road

#5 Wildlife observation Safaris  

#6 Fresh Water Fishing at the Panama Canal

#7 Rainforest Viking trips

#8 Native Embera Culture and village visits

#9 Barro Colorado Island

#10 Panama City Tours will take you to ancient City of Panama La Viena, the Casco Antiguo, the Cathedral, the Golden Altar, the first Jesuit University in America, and stroll through Las Bovedas and the French Plaza.

Inspired Theme Parties options are endless:

from Pirates attacks to Carnival in Panama, to Reggae Nights, to Rainforest Extravaganzas Night, to Colonial themes;

Beach Day Choose among the many options for beach days: the Caribbean or the Pacific Ocean, Pearl Islands or the Coast, the possibilities for spending a day at the beach are endless.

San Blas Islands Lobster Feast, San Blas is not only famous for its beautiful 365 islands surrounded by crystal clear waters and white beaches but for the people who live there: the Kuna Native Indians. Here you will have the opportunity to dive for your own Lobster, while swimming and snorkelling among hundreds of colourful wishes that décor the sea water.

Chiva Parrandera also was known as the “Party Bus“, this traditional Panamanian Bus rides along some of the most interesting scenic routes, with the added touch of a live band playing tropical beats, while snacks and drinks are offered by cheerful hosts.

Visit dream destinations: Panama & Colombia


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