The Mediterranean: The Coast of Gallura – Italy

Sardinia, Italy

The Coast of Gallura, Sardinia, Italy!

The coast of Gallura has two main geographic aspects.

To the West, from Badesi to Santa Teresa Gallura, it is mostly straight and rocky and sometimes with large beaches. To the North and to the East, from Santa Teresa to Budoni, most of the coastline is jagged, with many are called “rias”, Spanish term for small river.

The coast of Gallura includes hundreds of landscapes:cobalt-colored water that shades into emerald; granite rocks with strange shapes and caves.

Sardinia Photo credit: Ana Santos

In the coast of Gallura the most attractive places are: Costa Paradiso, Capo Testa, Capo d’Orso, Costa Smeralda and Porto Cervo. In La Maddalena the 7 isles of the archipelago. Capo Figari in Golfo Aranci; in Olbia Porto Rotondo and San Teodoro.

La Maddalena has 18 properties and there are 3 reasons to visit: beaches, the seaside and nature.It’s paradisaical and you should stay at least two nights.My friend, Kian has been doing an amazing job in California, La Maddalena Archipelago in Italy and is still working hard to protect wild life. Please, visit the website at

Sardinia, the face of paradise!

In La Maddalena Archipelago daily cruser you’ll see 1 Cormorani a Cala Coticcio 2 Cala Santa Maria 3 Cala Soraya 4 Cala Corsara 5 Cala Granara 6 Spiaggia Rosa 7 Spiaggia del Cavalieri and Spargi (3 stops depending on the tour you take)


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