On the road in Lebanon

The ancient land of Lebanon

The joy of our journey in Lebanon!

The customs, cuisine, the myths and monuments and above all, the nature of people, accustomed to greeting visitors. Today, Lebanon! 

It is one of the smallest countries in the world. The best time to visit Lebanon depends, of course on what you’re intending to do there.

Best of festivals in Lebanon 

Al Bustan Festival (February-March), Beirut International Platform of Dance Festival (April-May), Souq el-Bargout,Beirut (May-June & November-December), Baalbek Festival (July-August) Other sources: Lebanon’s Ministry of Tourism, Discover Lebanon, Lonely Planet and the Green Line http://www.green line.org.lb, one of the most active environmental protection organisations.

Life music across Lebanon you’ll be presented with many opportunities to experience the country’s many forms  of live music.

Hospitality in Lebanon 

Lebanon remains one of the friendliest places in the world to visit and is spelt with a capital ‘H’ regarding welcoming visitors.


Explore the Corniche, the clubs and find out why Beirut it’s the Middle East’s most vibrant capital.

Beiteddine Stroll around the grounds of this magnificient Ottoman-era palace and marvel at the beautiful mosaics.

Tyre Make a lap of the world’s largest Roman hippodrome then take a stroll through Tyre’s quite seaside nature reserve.

Tripoli Sample Tripoli’s famous sweets and then walk of the calories exploring the medieval souks.

Aleppo Get lost in the labyrinthine souk and enjoy an amazing dinner on Syria’s best mezze!


The Holy Land!


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