Italy, a land to discover and to savour

"La Pergola" at Bellevue Syrene is without any doubt the most romantic restaurant in Sorrento...

Italy, pasta, love and dreams! The Italian art dinasty!

Our journey in Italy continues: Bologna, Rimini, The Romana area and Ravenna. Tuscany, the Veneto with Padua and Venice; Our journey among the beauties of Italy continues: all so rich in art, culture and fashion.

Rome, a new hotel just opened. The Monti Palce Hotel can be the right choice. Located in Via Cavour, inside ancient Monti district and surrounded by the city’s most famous and important monuments: the Colosseum, Piazza Venezia, Fori Imperiali and very close to the shopping area. The Outlet in Castel Romano is 22 kms far away from the Colesseum and you can book it here.

Florence: the Florence Cathedral clock – the rediscovery of a masterpiece hidden for three centuries – behind the facade of Florence Cathedral you can admire the clock with particular details that make it unique, one of the most beautiful and interesting in the world.Its face was painted by one of the greatest painters of the Renaissance: Paolo Uccello

Emilia Romana is a top destination for Golf & Art as well as gastronomy.

Positano on the Amalfi Coast is among the most fashionable tourist destinations, lying between luxuriant vegetation of Campania and the blue of the Tyrrhenian sea

Sorrento as yellow as its lemons and the sun’s rays the while year long. The 16th century walls encircle this pearl overlooking the sea, favoured by elite tourism and film directors atimes

Venice water taxi Check Venice Carnival date and events here.

The Carnival in Venice.
The Carnival in Venice.

Wellness in Ischia

the virtues of hot Springs – the welcoming Mediterranean island in the North of the bay of Naples and the thermal waters of Ischia have been appreciated since ancient times. Soave, tourism with a soul – wine tours – There is an alternative to mass tourism based on the calm of this area and the attraction of its local gastronomic delights. Besides the amazing views and monuments will stoke your enthusiasm even further. Food – the starred Restaurants in Campania: Don Alfonso 1890, L’Olivo, Quatro Passi, Taverna Estia and Torre del Saracino. (574 hotels available)

My best advice for travelling in Italy

Italy has great connections by speedy train at Trenitalia. If you buy the tickets a few minutes before departure you can get great deals. It’s not cheap but it’s comfortable though. Besides they have plenty low-cost airlines. I did Italy as a backpacker, by car, by train, I’ve used the ferry to Croatia and still there’s a bit of the South to be explored and I’m looking forward to do so. I rank Italy as one as my favourite destinations. Good transports, the mountains, the Mediterranean, the food which is always difficult to substitute for the Portuguese, the language, the Opera and the fashionable people.

Verona, Padua, Veneza, Lake Garda, Milan, Lake Como,The Vatican City, Rome, Anchiano – Vinci, Florence and Sardinia are some of the cities I’ve visited and lived. On my bucket list are Naples and the whole Italian South.

The Italians know how to sell their product and I also admire them for that reason. A good example is Sardinia which however remain a few months without tourists and Sardos jobless. For hotels at “La Maddalena Island“, take a look here.

Sardinia with a lovely friend I've made on the way.
Sardinia with a lovely friend I’ve made on the way.

Visit Amalfi Coast.


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