Bulgaria is on the bucket list!

Bulgaria won't disappoint! 

Belogradchik Rocks, Sofia, Rila Monastery, Rusenski Lom Nature Park (close to Romania), Varna is lively and fun particularly during the months of July and August but in Nesebar also has nice beaches.

Bulgaria is an amazing familly travel destination

Tryavna – see the traditional woodcarvings, cobblestone streets and great architecture. Pirin National Park (in the border with Greece).

Plodviv,  Strandzha Nature Park (border with Turkey).

Bulgaria is a destination to be taken into deep consideration for the next Spring and Summer!

Hiking around Beansko and in the Lakes. Hopefully, there are several programmes that support ecologically friendly businesses and sustainable tourism. Some of  these are: Authentic Bulgaria, Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism, the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, Ecotourism Bulgaria, Neophron, Odysseia-In and the World Wide Workers on Organic Farms.

Visit the wine town of Melnik and walk up the valley to the Rozhen.Relax along the Black Sea coast in Burgas, and Burgas Lakes, Ropotamo Nature Reserve, Primorsko, Kiten, Tsarevo, Ahtopol, the Strandzha Nature Park and Sinemorets.

Did you know that Bulgaria boasts over 500 mineral springs 
dotted around the country?! 

In the Rila Mountains, Sapareva Banya (102°C) is said to be the hottest spring in Europe. You can make the difference to the local economy as a foreign tourist, so, what you have to do is decide to go! Be smart, visit Bulgaria! Booking has over 700 hotels through Bulgaria and the average prices are 25 EUR. Give it a try, go, explore and discover Bulgaria, an endless country for nature lovers and also seeking for some cultural sights.

For more information visit Official Tourism here!


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