English teaching jobs and volunteering opportunities! Scams…

Volunteer as an English teacher

There are many opportunities for those trying to get teaching experience not just as an English teacher but also in particular fields such as Hospitality and Tourism, Arts and Sports. I am interested in ecotourism and all that comes from that such as adventured sports, boating, transports in general. I am also very interested to find out how certain countries known as the third world use their creativity to go into business and generate income in order to survive. In this article Follow me to Turkey I share good information about Turkey. Also about Asia if you click here.

Would this people learn anything from me? Absolutely! May I learn from them? Gladly I would say again ABSOLUTELY!!! My point here is: if we can both learn from each other and create positive impacts in communities and environment why not forget about the paycheck and go for it? At the age of 42 and after having lived in many countries and seeing a lot of changes particularly in Europe where I was born I can easily say that we have to commit to development and never for exploitation. So even though a company or non-profit is willing to help you connecting into amazing lifetime opportunities think that “business” is made out of two parts: YOU and THE COMMUNITY and you should never pay for it. I’m open to discussion if you’ve a different perspective. 

Bear in mind that your contribution is valuable and you should not pay for any FEE unless you get it back at the end of the program. Even so, I don’t recommend any of this. It’s ok if you pay for your flight ticket, travel insurance and VISA. Everything else should be not your concern. This may happen because they want to get for granted that you’ll participate and not just be wasting their precious time on their hiring process. Some other companies have many theories regarding the FEE they charge. I’ve been asked to pay nearly 2000 dollars to join a paid volunteer in Myanmar. I’d go for free if I had the chance to… Usually, there are children involved so better you get serious about this, right? Did you get it? Sure you did. Costa Rica offers many chances, I’ve found also a good volunteer program in the Dominican Republic (150 DL for expenses, 3 meals a day and shared accommodation). It would be an advantage if you speak Spanish.

Heart for change volunteering in Colombia

One good program that I can absolutely recommend is Heart for change in Colombia. The staff team is always very prompt to answer any question you might have and they are very serious about your commitment. It is a paid volunteer and as far as I know, the salary is good enough to make your experience in Colombia comfortable in theirs lifestyle standard. My Colombian friends say “Ana es mucho dinero” meaning “It’s a lot of money”. Besides they take care of your VISA. If you’re an English-native speaker you can apply. If not, you need to have proof of holding your C1 certification or a TEFL. I actually took the test last year and I got TEFL certified a while ago. The process goes smoothly, the staff team is very organised and so far they’ve been the best non-profit organisation I’ve worked or intend to work with! To get into all of this you just need the passion to help others! You’ll gain valuable experience which allows you to go further in your career. Do not forget that your contribution has value and Heart for change pays you. Are you an out-going or an introvert?? Both characteristics match the skills needed and teaching will help you out to take the best of it!!! Enjoy, meet people from all over the world and take full advantage of nowadays resources by keeping connected!!! If you wish to go to Colombia they are hiring to start in June.

Job opportunities in Vietnam for English Natives

there are many and it’s not difficult to understand why. I give some tips in this article. about what you should be aware of before travelling and while you plan. Europeans and North Americans should read it.

Halong Bay one of the most beautiful places on Planet Earth
Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful places on Planet Earth

I’m happy to reply to your comments as this article is based on my own experience.

In Turkey, there are many opening jobs positions for citizens of all nationalities and in many subjects as well. But you have to be there and available to start anytime. The demand for English teachers is high and the schools which to hire people with no knowledge of the Turkish language. I’ve been to several interviews but I didn’t like the way they run the business in English private centres. One young lady said that in order to get a job I had to say I was British… unbelievable. Or either you own a TEFL or you have a degree in Education or both. Ideally, I would go to Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos but I can think of many other destinations such as Brazil and Mexico all in the TOP TOURISM RANKING.

Even though money is a must I’m a seek learner and usually fancy poor and happy people! Don’t take me wrong as I have nothing again the rich! If you there or if you know about it, please leave your comment below. Your contribution may help me and many others all around the world. Oh, countries such as Costa Rica, Mexico and the Dominican Republic also offer semi-volunteer programs and paid job positions and they are still hiring for January! You must be ready to start straight away. Good luck!!

Malaysia appears having some offers but if you don’t hold a master degree and experience it will take you a bit longer than normal to get an offer. The good thing about teaching English is that is a job always in high demand and you may get qualified with TEFL and you can learn with experience if you’re really willing to. Teaching is an art. Being a teacher a privilege!

TEFL class destinations

It doesn’t matter where you take it. Some destinations are better than others. It’s really up to you. Instructors are certified and experienced in every single school so just take it at your most convenient destination. There are some offers that include Internships but usually, you can be sent wherever they need, often in the middle of nowhere…be careful when planning the adventure because in the end is your life. And if they say that a job is guarantee is probably because you’re going where nobody else wants to go…

There are great open positions: Google, Google, Google & Ask, Ask, Ask

TEACH! TRAVEL! EXPLORE! ENJOY! But mostly connect, connect and connect…I’ve spoken to people all over the world. Ask for help and advice all the time.

Get TEFL Certified. Teach English Abroad. Experience the World.

TEFL DESTINATIONS If you mention my name you get 50 dollars discount and so do I. So, please feel free to contact me and I’ll put you in the right direction by giving my adviser’s name. You know how it’s like. Great offers all the time but if they can skip your commission they will do so. Is more or less as working in the affiliate marketing. You promote and never get a quid!


The Coast of Gallura – get your TEFL certification in Sardinia – Italy!


English natives versus non native

So far I did not see any difference regarding job opportunities. Of course, I did not try hard Japan, South Korea and Middle-East. No chance there unless for Americans citizens mostly. The thing is that in some countries there are some limitations to those who are not British or American citizens. It can be difficult to get work permission however if the recruitment company value your Curriculum vitae they find a way to hire you. I got job offers in Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Russia. If you can afford a one-way ticket you may start tomorrow otherwise keep trying. Eventually, you get something nice and a contract before your departure. School may be the worst possible and you will land in the countryside in a shared apartment with your new mates… In all these countries they offer you a salary and accommodation. The job demand is huge and just English speaking natives cannot handle it. In the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, you can easily go to volunteer. I’ve found opportunities to teach languages online, particularly English to the Chinese market. If you think teaching kids age of 6 late in the evening go for it. I’m out…and if you wish to get easy many for travelling Vietnam offers you great opportunities. Vietnamese pay in cash, usually without a contract. I’m also out.

Google ESL jobs online, apply and get a few hours of work per week. Payment is not fantastic but it might buy you a lot of food! GOOD LUCK! Go for it!

In most cases you need a university degree and TEFL but if you’re fluent and have teaching experience and willing to commute to China, Thailand, or elsewhere everything you need is to apply. Have a go, try it and you might be surprised by the amount of recruiting agencies and school principal that will reply. In the last two decades, I’ve met many people doing this job and for several reasons.

Better safe than sorry!

Teaching can be a lot of fun…nevertheless (my advice) be aware of scams. There are many all over the world. In Asia, most of the recruiters don’t have website and business email so Google all details provided by your employer. Stress out your employer with all questions about the position. Most of them will get bored and give up your application but keep in mind that is better safe than sorry. You come in first place. Do not forget about you! This better happens before you get lost in the middle of nowhere. Call and email the embassy and consulates. Make sure you know exactly where you’re going. Do not send your document details all over. Something else. In Asia signing a contract doesn’t mean that you get work. It means that you’re in the database and nothing else. Regarding accommodation provided by the employer ask for pictures and you may change your mind and if you’re new on travelling get a friend willing to share the amazing adventure with you. Be safe. Travel the world, explore and be happy but take good care of yourself and your family. I’ve found great opportunities in safe environments and surrounded by great people. If you wish to e-mail me. I’ll be glad to help. GOOD LUCK!!!

Have a look at some recruiting website:




Skip any program that charge you for an FEE but subscribe so you can get easy access to VISA requirements!

English class at a Public School in Thailand. Scouts day. These ladies and gentleman may my day. It´s so rewarding. The culture in Thai and the Thai people highly appreciate their teachers. Take good care of the children.
Public School in Thailand: Scouts day


By the way, according to dictionary.com EASILY is defined as “If we can easily see a way to cut costs in the Department of Education we should not be blind to opportunities at the Pentagon”. It’s not easy to get a job but is possible if you’re willing to move away and start over. And value yourself.

At the time of updating this post, I’m packing to move again to Asia and I do will speak out loudly about everything I’ve seen, heard and experienced with no regrets. I’ll be looking forward to get your comments, opinions but mainly I want to get to know you’re own experience. This is a free blog. I’m just sharing and helping out or trying at least… If you’re young check the VISA requirements for opportunities in Australia, Japan, Canada, Switzerland and England. There are plenty. And I’ll keep you posted about what I’ve learned so far about SUMMER CAMPS.

See you soon! There are opportunities all over the world for English and non-English native speakers and the children wait for good professionals that care for them. There are positions for English teachers, Music and Arts and mathematics. To most of them, English is required even though you teach other fields. Best of luck and happy travels!

The sunset between two continents - Istanbul
The sunset between two continents – Istanbul! Get your TEFL certification! Meet up with amazing people and extraordinary professionals.

10 thoughts on “English teaching jobs and volunteering opportunities! Scams…

  1. I recently completed my bachelors in business administration degree and was looking into teaching abroad opportunities. I found most programs to be costly or for some I did not qualify. now i’m thinking perhaps I should stay and work in my home country a while before I go off travelling, although I would love to travel like this sometime in the future.
    Are there any age restrictions for these programs?…I hope not :/


      1. Ok, Maria! This is where we start. In order to teach English you need a BA. You do have one. Great! 2nd step for most of the countries you need a TEFL. It costa money but it is a good investment. In some countries you can get experience without it. So, let’s see other important point….in which countries can you get a tourist VISA or business VISA being a citizen from Pakistan?! You need to do this research. You’re young and with adventure spirit you will find many opportunities. Something else: are you willing to work as a volunteer in order to again TEFL or experience?! China, Thailand, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Colombia!!!! As much older than you I advice you to check Australia, Japan (very hard but possible), Canada. Also as an European citizen from Portugal, an European addict I’d love to say that you have chances but I’d be very optimistic…..Switzerland, try England!!!! There are Summer camps. So, Maria! South America for volunteers mainly in Peru and Costa Rica. Colombia has the program I’ve mentioned in the blog.It’s a good one and they pay. Asia….. see the VISA requirements and try to go to a “decent country”! Don’t waste your time. Graduated in business should be more than GOOD to great opportunities. Think a bit about what I just shared with you and let me know what you think. I WISH YOU much sucess!!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks so much for your detailed reply. It’s difficult for people of my country to get visas for European countries. I googled if TEFL courses are available in my country and the ones i’ve found don’t start until July. Can i do this TEFL course online. If you know of a reliable source where i can take TEFL online please let me know. I looked at the “heart for change Colombia” program and it seems really great. do you think i have a chance of getting accepted in that without a TEFL? Perhaps i could take an english language test like IELTS. Could that work?
        I really appreciate you taking the time to write to me!


      3. Hi! Unless you show a C1 certificate in English you cannot. But e-mail them. Maybe they have news that I’m not aware at this moment. South America just for volunteer. I have a good link about VISA requirements and all details for those looking for jobs abroad as an English teacher. As I took TEFL throughout the American Organization in Chicago I can save you months of research. Regarding TEFL online just have a look on group on. It should cost you 50 DL. I’m travelling tomorrow again so I can e-mail you the link after that. Ok? Europe is amazing but there are no jobs….


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