What is life about?! Wishes of happy holiday!

Every day, life can get better!

And if it doesn’t look back and you may change your mind! 3 years ago I traveled alone as I usually do and visit Denmark, Sweden and on my way back home I did a small tour in Paris.France has been ever my favorite country.” Les chateaux, les magasin, les baguettes, Biarritz, Paris, Les Alps, Le Mont de Saint Michelle, La Bretagne sourtout et les gents. France,je t’aime.”Back to Lisbon, home sweet home. I recommend Lisbon to everyone. A must see in Europe, probably the most beautiful capital. I’m proud of being portuguese and blessed to live in Europe! So far I visited more or less 40 countries, and I must say I’m an European addict. I love Europe as much the Turkish love tea !!! This year I have traveled again to the Porto Santo Island in Madeira as a trainer. To Morocco 3 times where I have great friends. To Italy: Florence, Bologna, Milan, Lake Como and Sardinia where I found a little paradise: The Archipelago of La Magdalena. And I could go on… Mainly I feel blessed because I met people from all over the world.This is just to say Merry Christmas to all my friends in Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, United States, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Finland, Norway, China, Indonesia, Australia, Dubai, Oman, Iran, Iraque, South Korea and Japan. At last but not the least to all those in Turkey who so far made this experience being so rewarding.I love you! Merry Christmas! To all my followers, thank you. I appreciate your support and so far so good. Planning to visit 10 countries in 2017.


Terme di Galzignano – Italy having my first experience as a teacher

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