Explore Indonesia Archipelago

Indonesia archipelago

Many places around Indonesia Archipelago are interesting to explore both land and sea, there are numerous of exciting activities to be done. From surfing in wave to the spectacular panorama of underwater.

Indonesia is a member of ASEAN.

Indonésia archipelago: Sulawesi, Maluku, Papua, Bali, Nusa Tengara, Kalimantan, Jakarta, Sumatra, Java

Indonesia archipelago




Jakarta as the metropolitan city of Indonesia and the center of government, business and commerce has luxury accommodation, high fashion shopping malls, amusement park, entertainment place, night life and finest culinary.



Exploring of a country of a thousands island with a variety of cultural and traditional is never boring. Atlantic Emotions provides the information of a spectacular region of exciting area to be explored! The most prestigious ceremony in Tana Toraja is the Death Ceremony located in the South Central Sulawesi.

The Bunaken Reef is a chain of over 40 five star dive spots. The Marine Park is spectacular with the greatest concentration of tropical fish, coral species and world famous wall diving.Maluku, formerly known as ‘the Moluccas’, these petite little morsels of paradise are a dream-come-true for seekers of suberb snorkelling and picture-perfect white-sand beaches.


Sulawesi, Tana Toraja Death ceremony

List of Festivals in Indonesia

Java offers activities such as Jet Ski, Speed boat, Para Sailing and other aquatic sport. Karapan Sapi or Cow race is a traditional cow racing from Madura, East Java.

Kuta Beach Bali is a mixing place for many Bali visitors.Waves were pumping and the water was full of monkeys all dropping in and cutting each other nuts off.For novice this can be an excellent starting point. The Uluwatu Beach is well known for surfing as many people come from all over the world.Here you can enjoy other water-sport activities:swimming, sailing, surfing and watching the sunset is a must from the top of cliffs.In Sumatra visit the original house of Minangkabau called “Rumah Gadang”.The Palace reflects the lavish royal style of architecture. In Riau Archipelago, Melayu Traditional Music, Natuna, consist of two main tools of stringed lute instrument and three percussion instruments.





Wonderful Indonesia

A guide to major tourist attractions which are easily accessible by air, sea and land. Information about the 33 provinces of Indonesia. So far I’ve heard good and BSD comments. Adventure spirit it’s needed! Enjoy every single minute!




Tourist attractions in Indonesia



Recently I received some tips regarding destinations in Indonesia so I will add Lombok and Flores to my “destinos em agenda” and we keep the faith that soon we will get there and visit East Timor.


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