Worldwide Festivals and Events

Festivals and Events Worldwide

The Majestic ljen at Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival 2017

The Majestic ljen will be held in November 11th, 2017. Banyuwangi is a fashion Carnival Event that is held annually.

Malaysia, Nepal, Dubai, Thailand, India, etc

Hindu Festival has started yesterday in Malaysia and all over the world where the Hindu communities exist.

Happy Diwali

The Diwali festival is celebrated over five days and this is one out of several Hindu Festivals.


Croatia Festival 2018

Dubrovnik Winter Festival in February

Dubrovnik Feast 2018 in

Festivity of St. Blaise

Dubrovnik Carnival

In July, Split the Ultra-Europe


Vietnam 2018

Tet holiday in Vietnam being the most important festival for the Vietnamese people. Is great seeing Vietnamese having a decent break as they seem to be working all the time…

Italy 2018

Venice Carnival starts in February.

Festival and Events in Brazil 2018

Carnival Rio 2017


England Festivals and Events 2018

London Fashion Week

Ireland Festivals and Events 2018

St. Patrick’s Day, Dublin, in March


Germany  2018


Syria 2018

#1 Jazz Festival – held in July in the citadel

#2 Silk Road Festival is held in late September and it celebrates Syria’s long cultural history

#3 Damascus International Film Festival – held in November and December every year

France - festivals and events

#1 Festival de Loire

#2 Festival Les Treteaux Nomades

#3 Rock en Seine

Miss Universe: this year was held in the Philippines. As we have a French winner next year we travel to France.

Events & Festivals in Portugal

The “Queima das fitas” in Coimbra, Portugal it’s the University students annualy Event and always in May. It lasts longer than a week and the students parade it’s a must see and once life experience. Always in May.

Lisbon May – Pop in the city ladies!

The Pop in the city concept has developed a new one that is called “experiential” tourism being the perfect way to discover a European city with locals.Ladies have a look on the challenges. Each one involves locals split into categories such as culture, sports, extreme, charity, art and more. There ate great things going on and as soon as possible I’ll take some time to update the post.If you like to share one from your hometown or country feel free to comment below.

Have fun!

International Festival of Chocolate, Ă“bidos in Portugal

Festival Thailand

Songkran Water  

Loy Krathong

November 3 On the full moon day of the twelfth month in the Thai lunar calendar, Thais set their Krathong (decorativa basket) afloat in rivers and lakes as a Mark of gratitude to the Goddess of Water and to ask for blessings.

In northern Thailand, Loy Krathong also coincides with Yi Peng Festival, when knom loy (lanterns) are releases into the sky.

The most popular festivals in China

The Spring Festival in China is the most important for the Chinese citizens.

The Chinese New Year is celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunissolar Chinese calendar.

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival


 Seoul, South Korea

Nov 3 – 19 Hundreds of lanterns decorate the beautiful waterway Cheonggyecheon Stream during the festival, signifying South Korea’s colorful history and culture. This year, the lanterna glory also has a special theme – ‘PyeongChang2018’ – in conjunction with the Winter Olympics taking place there.



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