Classic Summer Cocktails

20 classics  with glamour! When the sun is shining, the living is easy, and everyone is busy working up a thrirst, a Sumner cocktail refreshes better than anything else. It’s time to relax and recall the last vacation I took with a…

1 Daiquiri

2 Margarita

3 Pina Colada

4 Melon Martini

5 Long Island Iced Tea

6 Mint Julep 6 Mai Tai

7 Mojito

8 Caipirinha

9 Bahama Mama

10 Bella Taormina

11 Bellini

12 Bloody Mary

13 Cosmopolitan

14 Cuba Libre

15 Garibaldi

16 Moma’s Punch

17 Sangria

18 Salty Dog

19 Vampiro

20 Zombie


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