21 Classic Summer Cocktails

21 classics with glamour! When the sun is shining, the living is easy, and everyone is busy working up a thirst, a Sumner cocktail refreshes better than anything else. It’s time to relax and recall the last vacation I took with a…

1 Daiquiri

2 Margarita

3 Pina Colada

4 Melon Martini

5 Long Island Iced Tea

6 Mint Julep 6 Mai Tai

7 Mojito



8 Caipirinha



9 Bahama Mama

10 Bella Taormina

11 Bellini

12 Bloody Mary

13 Cosmopolitan

14 Cuba Libre

15 Garibaldi

16 Moma’s Punch

17 Sangria



18 Salty Dog

19 Vampiro

20 Zombie

Port Wine Portugal Buy at amazon

Written in 1754 by the agents for the Association of Port Wine Shippers, these words are a justifiable description of the great after-dinner wine known as Port Wine today.

Port, the subject of this short study, is a fortified wine produced exclusively in the Demarcated Region of the Douro Valley in Portugal, where both natural and human elements combined, created one of the most important and unique viticulture in the world.

Port is named after the city it is exported from; however the vineyards themselves are located some 100 kilometres inland on the rugged flanks of the middle and upper Douro valley.

The unique viniculture landscape developed about two million years ago on the schist hillsides along the Douro River Valley, producing an exceptional wine.

21 Port Flip


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