Sicily: art, history, and gastronomy

The Archaeology, Art, and Culture of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful island!Welcome to Sicily!

Discover thousands of years of art history. Visit the most magnificent monuments of classical times, the mosaics of the Roman Villa del Casale and on to the purity of the Quattrocento in the art created by the artist Antonello da Messina. Experience and taste the variety and complex culinary flavours in Sicily, the result of thousands of years of history. Some ingredients and typical Sicilian dishes worth trying are swordfish “alla messinense“, tuna fish “alla Marinara“, sardines “a beccafico”, ” broccoli affogati”, peppers, tomatoes, aubergines, potatoes and a great variety of cheeses, from pecorino to primosale. There are a vast array of sweets and cakes I would suggest you try ‘cannoli’, ‘pignotala’ and don’t forget the wines. There are of many different kinds!








Most of the events and folklore festivals are religious and  traditional: the Holy Week, Fistinu di Santa Rosalia, the processions of Wednesday of Holy Week and Holy Thursday in Caltanisseta, the feast of Saint Sebastian in Acireale, the celebrations feting Catania’s patron Saint Agatha (3-4-5 February), the Luminaria of Caltagirone (25th July), the Procession of Saint Lucy in Syracuse (May and December), the Diavolata e Angelicata, the Feast of the Holy Cross, Sagra del Mandorlo in Cuore ( Festival of the Almond Tree in Blossom and the lively Carnival of Acireale just to mention a few.

Seeking Sicily: A Cultural Journey Through Myth and Reality in the Heart of the Mediterranean has 77 reviews at AmazonAuthor John Keahey is not content to let images from the island’s overly touristed villages carry the story. Starting in Palermo, he journeyed to such places as Arab-founded Scopello on the west coast, the Greek ruins of Selinunte on the southwest, and Sciascia’s ancestral village of Racalmuto in the south, where he experienced unique, local festivals.

Sicily is all about culture however and even though surrounded by water not famous for its beach resorts. Sicily is probably not the best beach destination but certainly a good one. The most important sea resorts are Mazzaro and Giardini Naxos. An absolute must for tourists is the Alcantara Gorge reaches from Taormina-Giardini Naxos. This natural monument of basalt rock was created by the eruption of the volcano Monte Moio, Etna’s most eccentric offshoot, around 2400 BC. The lava flow invaded the entire valley of the Alcantara river as far as its mouth ob the coast, where the Greeks founded their first colony in Sicily. Etna’s National Park has many excursions and outstanding attractions in the area. One of the most popular for a visit to the volcano leaves from Catania to Nicolosi. It’s possible to stay the night and taste great traditional food. In Palermo: the church of Santa Maria della Catena, Palazzo Abatellis, the Archbishop’s Palace and the fountain of Piazza Pretoria. The Botanical Gardens and the Teatro Massimo, one of Europe’s largest theatres.

In Taormina Sicily

the Badia Vecchia and the Palazzo di Corvaja, the Porta Catania, Cathedral of San Nicolo, the Odeon, the Greek Theatre, the gardens of the Villa and more.

Taormina’s Greek Theatre, a marvel of the human mind embodying art and history, landscape and nature, culture and enchanted myth.

The Aeolian archipelago in Sicily

(Alicudi, Filicudi, Lipari, Panarea, Salina, Stromboli, and Vulcano) lies off the coast Milazzo and is made up of 7 major islands, rocks, and islets. The result is wild coasts with sheer cliffs above the sea, innumerable small craters, and a beautiful landscape.

Messina Sicily

also known as the ‘Gateway to Sicily’ has a lot to offer: the Cathedral, the fountain of Orion, the church of Santissima Annunziata dei Catalani and San Francesco d’Assisi and the Regional Museum contains interesting archaeological, medieval and modern art exhibits.

Discover Italy:


From Sicily visit Sardinia and Malta and add up Corsega!

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