Thailand is home

Hello my friends and followers. It has been a while since I shared my last post but things get really weird since I move to Vietnam. Till this moment my blog was blocked which hasn’t helped much in my research. 

A quick note just to say hello, I’m alive and happy! 

Due to VISA I had to come to Thailand and I think I like it here. Vietjet Air made me pay 30 dl for a 7kg bag so just a little promotion to say that I’ll do my best to travel with othet companies in the future. I arrived tired but already arranged my tickets and I’ll be at the first row on the “Big Bus” with a view over Cambodia on the left and The Marine National Park of Koh Chang” on the right. 

Bangkok is fascinating  and I’ve already learnt that disrespect Budha is punished by law. Street food is amazing and pick here and there from several vendors. 

It’s bloody hot but I like it that way and at the beach in Koh Chang it’s even better. 

I great archipelago for skidiving lovers with many coral reefs. 

There are also some camp elepanths but not like in Chiang Mai where the purpose it to take good care of them instead of selling elephant ride to tourists. 

Thailand is green, safe and “parfume”!

Water sports activities: 

Windsurfing, Sea kayak, Stand-Up, Paddle Surfing, Snorkeling

Not furniture not decoration not tattoo. Buddha is not for decoration

The Koh Chang district (archipelago) if you have time you don’t need much money to come and visit but you’ll be lying at the beach all holiday. The sea invites us to swim all day long. The water temperatures is even better than Biarritz, South of France. You need time and pacience to take undergoung, bus, Tuk-Tuk, several trucks, ferries and so on. And enjoying wild life is a must. There are plenty activities to be done in Koh Chang Archipelago such as boat tours, snorkeling in the coral reefs, fishing, walking to the waterfalls. 

There are elephants but not a proper camp willing to take good care of them. This island is also called “Elephant island”. ATM fees in Thailand this top is important. Any transaction will cost you around 6 EUR. Cash out all in one time. I just realised when I was running off money! Rent a motorbike: it costs 150 Baht per day meaning 5 EUR per day. I didn’t as I would possibly could have an accident! I ask for a ride! Ask for help the locals and other travellers usually know what it takes to be away home and as a solo female traveller I’ve been through many difficult situations. It usually works. Or you can take the hard bit and run away. I would never forget the Turkish people when I spend 5 weeks in Istanbul and left in the middle of 20 lanes droped off the taxi on my way to Ataturk Airport carrying my 50 kilograms luggage. What do you do Ana? Ask for help! 

Meeting people from all over but mainly Europeans and North Americans. It was nice to talk to people here. There are many Europeans that come to stay for good, others for several months in the island. I spoke to Americans, Australian citizens and there are tons of bacpackers travelling in Asia usually in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia but also to Indonesia and Papua Guinea. Others with more time had the chance to visit 

Myanmar. Some reading at and 

Bangkok and its hospitality together with tons of events, night life, cabarets, restaurants, markets and exhibitions. Go crazy while shopping in Bangkok.


4 thoughts on “Thailand is home

  1. It’s a shame your blog got blocked. Well, at least you enjoyed your days off in Thailand. Definitely a place I’m looking forward to visit, I just don’t know when, as I’ve got plans made for the whole year of 2017.

    Best regards 😉 looking forward to read more.

    Liked by 1 person

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