The Golden Island – Porto Santo

Porto Santo Island is a secret paradise!

Home for several months. Porto Santo, a secret to discover.

In Portugal, Porto Santo was the first Portuguese area in the Atlantic Ocean and represented an important historical pillar. It became a constant reference in the navigation charts as a shelter port for caravels.The islands was abandoned until 1446, year in which the captaincy of Porto Santo was granted to Bartolomeu Perestrelo. The house of Colombo – Museum of Porto Santo – has areas dedicated to Christopher Columbus’.The notion of time is relative in Porto Santo.

The quietness and peacefulness of this small island invite one to reflect, relax and experience peace of mind. Zimbralinho is like an amphitheater offering romance in a beach with turquoise water (after many places on my world journey a trully believe being this beach as unique and the most beautiful in the world). As one climb the slope, one’s sight reaches Ilhéu da Cal and Ilhéu do Ferro, as well as Pico de Ana Ferreira. In Pico do Castelo, almost at the top, one will find a status of António Schiappa de Azevedo who propelled Porto Santos’s reforestation and whose project was based on diversification of species and on the recovery of the island’s vegetable life. Restaurants in Porto Santo Island: there are many and and all good. Golf restaurant is for some locals the best.It is a perfect symbiosis of a good food and calm green. Lambeca since 1961: Porto Santo’s “ice – creams have been sold on the island since 1961. Initially these home-made came in 5 flavours. Today they are international my known for its quality and tradition. Ponta da Calheta is a unique place. Fresh grilled fish is recognized as the house specialty. I recommend ” feijoada “. At the beach eat a Berliner. Thalasso & Spa is one of the best equipped in the country reason why I enjoy so much Vilabaleira Hotel. However I cannot recommend it. They often go overbooking and spread their guests in other hotels. Porto Santo Hotel is well located and with a great bar at the beach. Besides is walking distante from the city center, with shops, restaurants, bars, pharmacy and whatever you need. “Casa da Avó” restaurant is a minute walk from Porto Santo Hotel and the owners are extraordinarily friendly. Delight yourself with seafood feijoada, oven-roasted octopus flavoured with herbs, octopus grandmother style, grilled sirloin steak with green pepper or shimp sauce. Lovely! Diving and sailing in Porto Santo as well as many other nautic sports are possible at reasonable prices.


Zimbralinho beach is still a kept secret! Do not walk down there unless with locals.




The beginning of Atlantic Emotions.


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