I will miss you Europe

Counting down the days to leave Europe I miss it already. It might be preconception however I enjoy Europe as no other continent. I lived in Portugal, Germany, Turkey, Italy and England. I love the music and cultural festivals in Scotland, France, and Spain. I like to follow the news and get to know if the Queen Elisabeth is fine and I miss the Pope! Yes, I really do. My expresso coffee, “feijoada” and “canja de galinha” and “Broa de Avintes”. Christmas is the most important time for Catholics and we spend this period with Family. And I miss the Portuguese language so much.


Turkey, a country of opportunities!

Delirium tremens

Belgium, best beers of the world! Missing you every single day…


Italy, where I’ve started my teaching practice.

Vietnamese coffe is the best one worldwide.

Beautiful and green Thailand

Sports, eco-travellers, beautiful people, warm Golf of Thailand.

Let's save elephants.

I miss you Europe!
I did well in Asia for almost a year! I’ve survived to many difficult situations but still I MISS YOU EUROPE! By the way,

Happy New Year 2018


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