10 best flea markets across the globe

Best flea markets across the globe Traditional hand-made Thai Umbrella Photo Credit: Ana Santos

10 best flea and street markets across the globe: in search of culture, quality and bargains as possible.

1 Mercado del Puerto, the market in Montevideo, Uruguay

The locals say it’s expensive. The foreigners call it a bit of heaven for meat lovers (I’m in…). Around 11am the tables are set and the barbecue starts around pm.

All amazing places, these flea markets are ranked as the best with great reviews recommended for shopping, and meat lovers, traditional products, jewelry, art, and crafts.

10 best flea markets across the globe: Montevideo

2 Marrakesh Market, Praça Jamaa El Fna

The diversity of products at this most amazing flea market in the globe. Of course, there are many bargains but being able to do business in Morocco one must discuss the price. Prices are never fixed.

UNESCO Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity

The idea of the UNESCO project Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity came from people concerned about the Jamaa el Fna. The place is known for its active concentration of traditional activities by storytellers, musicians, and performers, but it was threatened by economic development pressures. In fighting for the protection of traditions, the residents called for action on an international level, to recognize the need for the protection of such places — termed “cultural spaces” — and other popular and traditional forms of cultural expression.

UNESCO encourages communities to identify, document, protect, promote and revitalize such heritage. The UNESCO label aims to raise awareness about the importance of oral and intangible heritage as an essential component of cultural diversity.



20 great things to do in Marrakesh

At the top of rank for the flea markets across the globe. Prices are never fixed in Morocco.

10 best flea markets across the globe: Marrakesh

3 The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

10 best flea markets across the globe: Istanbul

4 Budapest, Hungary: Great Market Hall

Top Attractions in Budapest

Pop in The Great Market Hall in Budapest to admire its splendid architecture, and buy authentic Hungarian souvenirs. A lot of Paprika and also crystals from the Czech Republic!

Much more than Paprika, the flea market in Istanbul

10 best flea markets across the globe: Budapest

5 Mercado Central in Fortaleza, Brazil

Fortaleza and other cities in North-eastern Brazilian are known for the production of handicraft.
Talented artists produce stuff in clothes, leather, wood, glass, coconuts, sand and more. Prices may seem outrageously low for foreigners: pieces which take days to complete are often sold for less than R$ 100.


Check Tripadvisor

The flea market in Fortaleza, Brazil is one of the best across the globe.

10 best flea markets across the globe: Budapest

6 The Chatuchak Flea Market in Bangkok

Bring loads of money. There are many stores of young fashion designers as well as traditional clothing, soaps, and fabrics. Vendors from Chiang Mai may be founded here. Prices are fair in term of clothing. For fabrics certainly not the best price but beautiful to see.

Crafts & Tourism is a magazine that aims to promote handicrafts and tourism of Chiang Mai (best place ever for shopping) and the North of Thailand. This is a trilingual newsletter in Thai, English, and Chinese!

10 best flea markets across the globe
10 best flea markets across the globe


7 Mercado de Artesanias La Ciudadela, Mexico City, Mexico

La Ciudadella market, Art and craft in Mexico City. Ciudad del Mexico best ranked market. There are many though and good.

10 best flea markets across the globe: Mexico City. Mexico is possibly the country with more great reviews at TripAdvisor and I’m looking forward to visiting.

8 Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, New York City

9 Arguably Europe’s largest Flea Market, Les Puces in Paris

From secondhand clothes, worn-out toys, vinyl records, belle-epoque postcards, jewelry, antiques and everything else!

All these flea markets are located in the countries’ capitals and I know most of them. Check TripAdvisor and buy your plane tickets at Skyscanner.

10 Rastro, Spain’s most renowned open-air market

A vibrant and fascinating market in Madrid, filled with bargain-priced products, antiques, music and street vendors every Sunday at Calle de la Ribera de Curtidores.

Grandes reportajes del National Geographic Espana

La riqueza de la tierra mexicana se exhibe con todo su esplendor en estos mercados llenos de colores, aromas y sabores.

4 mercados de México para disfrutar con los cinco sentidosYou might be interested:

You might be interested:



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