The Silk Road

Highlights on the Silk Route:

Remote and exotic regions of China and Central Asia unfold before you along an ancient trading route. The route is made up several trails from China to Europe.

The ancient trade routes between Europe and the Far East have been used for many centuries.

The famous Silk Road, once linking China with Europe, is in fact not one road, but a number of different routes depending on the season and local conditions.

The modern Karakoram Highway crosses the Khunjerab Pass, one of the chief routes over the Himalayas between Jammu, Kashmir and China.

The Silk Route: Himalaya route

At the Thousand Buddha Caves near Dunhuang, you can see superb frescoes and sculptures that were created over a period of 1,100 years.

The Silk Road: The Thousand year caves, Dunhuang

The Silk Road: Thousand Buddha Caves near Dunhuang
Don’t miss the terra-cotta warriors of Xi’an, the fabulous buried army of the first Chinese emperor.

It is possible to visit many ancient sites associated with the Silk Road and package tours are available linking many of these places.

The Silk Road: tea shop at the Art Street in Xi'an, China.

Tea shop in Xi’an, one of the oldest towns in China
Kashgar has a vibrant Sunday market and notable Islamic sites, including the Tomb of Abakh Khoja and ID Kah Mosque, China’s largest.

The Silk Road: bread vendor at Kashgar's Market

The Silk Road: a vendor at the Kashgar Sunday Market
Samarqand’s beautiful Islamic architecture includes the Registan Square, flanked by a trio of Islamic religious colleges, and Tamerlane’s tomb. The city has some of the finest ceramic art.

The Silk Road: Samarkand beautiful architecture.

The Silk Road: Samarkand’s beautiful Islamic architecture

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