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Today I suggest the Romantic Road in Germany and Rio de Janeiro as the Carnival is starting on the 14th, Valentines Day.

Let National Geographic’s City Destination map of Rio de Janeiro guide you as you explore this fascinating city, known for its stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, and unique Carnival.

The Red Sea Israel has 280 properties available and the Sea of Galilee other 156.

The only Tea Plantation in Europe, Gorreana in the Azores Archipelago and Comporta Portugal.

Azores, Portugal
Azores, Portugal

According to the Global Peace Index in 2016, Portugal ranks in the 5th position as the Safest Country in the World. Portugal has been voted by North Americans as the best country to live as an expat. Portugal has plenty to offer in terms of accommodation from historic hotels named “Pousadas” to Boutique hotels and resorts, youth hostels that we call “Pousadas da Juventude” and really good camping sites. Further, our hospitality thermal is vast and we have “Turismo Rural”, rural tourism spread over the country.

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Porto Moniz
Porto Moniz, Madeira archipelago

The Portuguese often set up the table in the garden yield and spend Sunday mostly eating and drinking extraordinary wines and Portuguese liquors, singing and dancing with families and friends. In addition Portugal is one of the most affordable European countries and combined with good public transportation and low-cost airlines makes it easy to travel in the Portuguese continent as well as in the Archipelagos of Madeira and Azores.



Follow me to Portugal: the best of Portugal” />Rio de Janeiro

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