Top 10 Historic Walks

From Imperial Beijing via Victorian London and to kaleidoscopic Istanbul, relive the past as you stroll around the world’s great cities.

1 Tallinn Old Town, Estonia

Top 10 walks into the past: Tallinn

2 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

3 Vieu Carre, New Orleans, Louisiana

4 The Red Fort (Lal Qila), Delhi, India

Top 10 historic walks: New Delhi

5 The Old Town, Istanbul, Turkey

Top 10 historic walks: Istanbul

6 Whitechapel, Jack the Ripper’s London, England

Top 10 Historic Walks: London

7 Freedom Trail, Boston, Massachusetts

Top 10 historic walks: Boston

8 The Loop, Chicago, Illinois

9 The Forbidden City, Beijing, China

Top 10 historic walks: Beijing

10 Quadrat d’Or, Barcelona, Spain

Top 10 historic walks: Barcelona


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