Events and celebrations in the Netherlands

February and March: the Carnaval in Breda; Maastricht and’s Hertogenbosch.

Amsterdam held the silent procession in March.

In March and May, a visit to the National Floral Exhibition in Keukenhof is mandatory.

In April the 30th the Queen’s Birthday is the most beautiful celebration. The colour orange is symbolic here.

From the year 2000 and every five years, the Passion Plays from May to September.

The Holland Festival in Amsterdam in June

In the city of Hague in July the North Sea Jazz Festival takes place.

August in Scheveningen the International Fireworks Festival.

In Utrecht also in August, the festival of Ancient Music.

In September, the Floral procession from Aalsmeer to Amsterdam. Still in Amsterdam and also in September takes place the Jordaan Festival.

October the 3rd the historical procession in Leiden.

From mid-Nov St. Nichola’s official entrance. The Dutch people give presents to friends.

In December the Candle Festival in Gouda. A good chance to delight ourselves with the traditional cheese.

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