Paris worldwide

Moulin Rouge - Paul Gautier

Paris attracts over 47 million visitors each year

…and given this great success, London, Berlin and New York would love to be in Paris’s shoes! Paris is everyone’s city of art and luxury and remains true to its reputation. Just look at the creation of the Foundation Louis Vuitton. Paris is the second global destination and is the leader in the number of conventions. With the Grand Paris (Greater Paris) project, the French capital is improving transportation networks.

You will visit the best of the galleries, explore the capital’s secret gardens, Saint Julien le Pauvre, la Place de la Republique. There are plenty of exhibitions with selected pieces, including paintings and sculptures and eat éclairs like no others. Have lunch in a pleasant restaurant by the Tour Eiffel. Drink coffee on a sunny terrace in Saint Germain des Pres. We will travel to Versailles and shop at “Galeries Lafayettes”


20 must see in Paris  

The Notre Dame (4-E7) , Palais Royal (2-D7) 3 Palais du Louvre (2-D7) (Gioconda, Chambre a Arles Van Gogh’s, “Codice da Vinci”, Dan Brown) and the biggest museum of art worldwide with paintings of Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh , Arc du Triomphe and down the Avenue des Champs Elysées, Place de la Concorde and Montmartre, Le Sacre-Coeur, Bateau Lavoir (Apollinaire, Modigliani and Picasso) , Tour Eiffel and Palace du Luxembourg, Le Grand Palais and Centre Georges Pompidou, the modern La Defense and the Tour Montparnasse, Parc de Belleville.

A bit of shopping at Le Deli- Cieeux (Printemps), Musee D’Orsay (Impressionist, Gauguin and Renoir) and Musee dell’Orangerie just to mention a few of my favourites.

My favourite in Paris

La Collins degli artístico

Basilica del Sacre Coeur


Moulin Rouge (go visit La Rue de Saint Dinis)

Moulin Rouge (go visit La Rue de Saint Dinis)
Moulin Rouge (go visit La Rue de Saint Dinis)

Lapin Agile Museums

Carnavalet (Saint Paul)

La Vie Romantique (Pigalle) – Romantic Village

Erotisme (Blanche)

Musee du Vin (Passy) – Wine Museum

Guimet Museum

Musee de la Poupee (Rambuteau)

Cite de la Musique (Ourcq)

Musee des Lettres (Saint-Michel)

One week in Paris walking

My first visit to Paris I had the chance to stay for a week and it wasn’t enough. Paris invites you to comeback even for short-breaks. France has always been my favourite country. Being able to talk French really helps besides it’s home to many Portuguese expats. However, Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world but there are ways to save. As a tourist, I disagree. Underground isn’t expensive and walking is free and the best way to discover beautiful coffee shops and all Paris has to offer.

Paris cute coffee shop. Not the most beautiful but it's OK!
Not the most beautiful but it’s OK!


Nonetheless, I add Portugal, England, Italy, Turkey and Vietnam to this list. In all them, I lived and experienced life as a local.

WALKS in Paris

1 Passage Du Grand Cerf

2 Passage Verdeau

3 Passage des Panoramas

4 Passage Molière

5 Passage Jouffroy

6 Passage Choiseul

7 Valerie Vivienne

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Visit Portugal

Is Portugal on your bucket list?

850 km of lovely beaches, traditional gastronomy, lovely people and centuries of culture. The portuguese discover great part of the world. The portuguese queen, Catarina de Bragança introduced the culture of tea to the british. Lisbon, Coimbra and its University, Porto, The National Park of Gerês, the Vicentina Coast, Évora Unesco World Heritage, The Algarve and its amazing resorts, the islands of Madeira and Azores. National Geographic has voted Azores as the best eco destination worldwide.



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Guimarães - Capital of Culture
Guimarães Portugal – Capital of Culture
 My favourite hotels in Portugal.

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