The Schist Villages in Portugal

Côja and the Protected Landscape of the Serra do Açor. Visit Benfeita and the Shist Villages of Portugal.
The Portuguese schist villages.

The Schist Villages in Portugal

Discover this Portuguese heritage. Green, safe and clean!

The Schist Village of Benfeita
The Schist Village of Benfeita

The Schist Villages are a treasure. Discover it through history, religion, architecture, gastronomy, ecology and culture! Discover the village of Álvaro, Check out the art engraved in stone, thousands of years ago. If you ready to experience the best of Portugal book it here.

Benfeita village is a land surrounded by green. Here, every May the 7th, the bell of the Peace Tower celebrates the end of the World War II anniversary with 1620 strokes, one for each day of Portuguese neutrality. Benfeita is close to the Fraga da Pena and the Mata da Margaraça, two of the most important forests in Portugal.

Situated between Côja and the Protected Landscape of the Serra do Açor and it will tempt you to follow the course of the Ribeira da Mata to find the cool of the Fraga da Pena and the trees of the Mata da Margaraça.
Visit Artefacto, the shop in the city centre, where artists share knowledge through contemporary crafts. Beautiful handmade works can be bought there.

For info regarding the Benfeita Trail follow the link here!

For more about the Shist Villages in Portugal

Visit, The Schist Villages!
In the Central Region of Portugal, there are around 575 hotel properties. 232 are in Aldeias de Xisto!

Take time to visit Portugal and if by chance you need info, please leave a comment.

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