Transportation and tours in Europe

The Prince Islands, Istanbul, Turkey
European transports and tours

Get organized before you go to Europe so you can take the best of it. Europe has great connections by train (Luxury trains, high-speed) such as Eurostar in Brussels and the Eurotúnel from Calais France to Dover England and the Eurorail and Venice Simplon Orient Express. Low cost airline companies being my favorite Easyjet and Ryanair as a second option.I have also travelled with Transavia has it also have good fares. Easyjet take us only to International airports which are always located centrally.The same we cannot say about Ryanair but with offers from 9.99 EUR it can make the journey very convenient. Make sure to book in advance.The low-cost can get more expensive than a regular airline such as British Airways or Airfrance. Better regular Airlines are Lufthansa, TAP and Best European Airline being Turkish Airlines (this one covers the entire world destinations). River cruises and European ports will be shared here. If you’re planning to rent a car you’re gonna take the best of Europe although I highly prefer public transports. There is also the option of travelling by bus. I share information that suits all budgets.You can also hitchhike in some European countries, but even though I did it at the age of 19 it will be at your own risk. I do not recommend…(Portugal, Spain, France, Muniche in Germany, Poland, Berlin to Amsterdam, Brussels, and from Paris back home to Portugal.I few months later I also hitchhiked in the Eurotúnel. TOP experience ever!

La Tour Eiffel. A few hours short break on my return from Sweden back to Lisbon.
La Tour Eiffel. A few hours short break on my return from Sweden back to Lisbon.

Love France but my appreciation to the British people is higher!!. I’ve learned much in the U.K. and I’m always looking forward to go back! I love shopping in England.Visit London, Bath, Liverpool and York!!! Go up to the Highlands of Scotland, take part of the great festival and the amazing daily scenic train journey where usually kids go free.The Jacobite is just one of them. If you google some services you might find Germany as one of the countries where you manage to do so.

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Info links / Trains in Switzerland

Visit “My Switzerland” trough their website

Euro Railways

and the Grand Train Tour Switzerland

Regarding  cruises you may wish to explore some options: Barcelona and Naples in the South of Europe.If you rather cut on budget have a look at Logitravel. You might find something really nice in Greece! A 5 days cruising for two would costs start 450 EUR (in a cabine with no sea view…)! My wishes for 2017 is to travel with Trans – Siberian in summer time and a tour in magnificent Switzerland! I’m looking forward to visit Scotland and go back to Sardinia – Italy.In the mid-time I’m taking the best of Portugal, TOP destination worldwide!

European Airlines for all budgets

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"The City of 100 Spires has grown up..."Prague

Having gained a reputation as a party destination, Prague has, in recent years, been reinventing itself as an important economic hub.Plus, it’s a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site.Prague is a great place for exploring on foot, but it’s even better by water.Take a boat trip in Vltava River or hire a small rowing boat from one if the many places along the bank.

Cultural Prague

Both the State Opera and National Theatre are magnificente buildings and renowned institutions and if you can spare the time, a night out at one is an experiente to remember.The State Opera in particular has a stunning auditorium.If nothing else, book a tour during the day just to have a look at

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City centre in Prague.

Historic City Centre

Beautiful and elegant city of Prague
Panoramic view of the historic centre from the boat

Lisbon – “Gateway to Europe”

European Heritage Days 2016

This is an opportunity to re-familiarise ourselves with Portugal country’s past! The 22, 24 and 25th September! Free entry

Check it at http://www.patrimonio

Follow me to Portugal!

We will tour you through the best spots in Lisbon
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Parque das Nações
Theater São Carlos
Eat good food! Visit Portugal!

13 River cruises in Europe

River Cruises in Europe

Amazing destinations in Europe – River Cruises

Portugal’s River of Gold from Lisbon to Porto

Douro region Portugal
Douro region river cruises

Danube River Cruises

Rhine River Cruises

Seine River Cruises

Take a break, visit Europe
Take a break, visit Europe

Grand European Tour from Amsterdam to Budapest

Short breaks, visit Europe
Shoe sculpture, Budapeste

Romantic Danube from Budapest to Nuremberg

Rhine Getaway from Amsterdam to Basel

In Amsterdam Tulips & Windmills

Châteaux, Rivers & Wine in Bordeaux

Visit Europe: France, U.K., Finland, Portugal...

France is difficult to resist

Grand European Tour & Belgium from Ghent to Budapest

Christmas Markets Along the Rhine

Tapas & Truffles from Marseille to London

Western Europe & Mediterranean Vineyards & Vistas from London to Monte Carlo

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