Where are we?! Sweden?…

Sweden: Inventing tomorrow's world

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Did you guess?!


Did you already guess?!

Stockholm our way!

If you plan a visit to Stockholm either on business or holiday carry on reading. We will provide you with many contacts and top attractions. The best tip we can give is “get the city card”. Take advantage by visiting the Tourist Information at http://www.gallerian.se Be ready for adventure, Stockholm has a lot to offer. Rent your SEGWAY, let the locals guide you within private TOURS by foot and by bike. Book at http://www.stockolmourway.com Top: visit GAMLA STAN and do the Ghost Walk. Have a look at http://www.citywalkz.se Classic Boat tours can be booked online at http://www.stockolminfo.se or onboard, Nybrokajen! And at last but not the least for ” today in Stockholm ” a must: get many tastes of Sweden.

A big hello from the Swedish Institute

Let’s visit Stockholm, shall we?


Swedish Innovations: Skype and Spotify, Swedish Brain Power, Formation Flying in Space, From Oxygen to Dynamite, Metro – a Swedish Idea that changed the world



Fire and ice and all things nice… Discover Iceland!

Iceland, a country of extreme contrasts

Iceland is a country of extreme contrasts. Widely known as “The Land of Fire and Ice”, it is home to both some of the largest glaciers in Europe, and some of the most active volcanoes in the world. Iceland is also the land of light and darkness, where long summer days with near 24-hours of sunlight are offset by short winter days.

Go to Gourmet Heaven: the Pearl is one of Reykyavik’s most striking buildings, a futuristic structure made of glass and steel.

Jump in a superjeep at http://www.superjeep.is

Look up the lights:with friendly local guides and everyone gets cups of warming hot chocolate, their photo taken under the lights, and a look at the stars through a telescope.

The Blue Lagoon is an oasis relaxation and probably the most famous touristic attraction.

1st out of 162 countries in the Global Peace Index

Iceland was the most peaceful country in the world for the fourth year running in 2015. The index looks at things like violent conflict, violent crime rates, freedom of the press, willing-ness to participate in wars, and political corruption.

Go kayaking
Iceland means an ideal geographic location

Close proximity to everything.

Iceland is located midway between Europe and North America. Keflavík Airport near Reykja-vik is Iceland’s principal international airport. There are more than 140 daily departures from Iceland during summer and more than 80 daily departures during winter going all over the world.

Flight duration is 2.5-5 hours to Europe and 5-6 hours to the United States (East Coast) and Canada.


Daily Life in Mediaval ICELAND


Medieval Iceland was a rural, farming society; there were no villages or towns though temporary, seasonal settlements grew up at trading sites and fishing posts.

If you want to have amazing fun by reading Iceland’s history you may be surprised.

Visit http://www.visiticeland.com/discoverIceland

Wool Factory


Events and tours in Iceland

1 Winter Lights Festival 2 – 5 February 2017


Reykyavik International Film Festival 28.09.2017/09.10.2017

https://www.everfest.com/iceland (events in Iceland)

4 Scenic food tour in iceland


Imagine Peace Tower lit in Viðey

6 Secret Solstic Iceland 2017

16-18 June 2017,  Reykjavík, Iceland







The official site is full of Great content! Have a look at http://www.iceland.is/

The best way to experience Switzerland!

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Paris c’est ci bon

Chocolate & Pastries in Paris

French Attractions Through Gastronomy.There are several  places we would like to reccommend as they are quality guranteed and new fashion.Besides who can resist these pastries…Have a look on the pictures bellow and contacts. Sweet and salted L’atelier de Éclair is situated in number 16, Rue Bachaumont.Have a look at http://www.latelierdeleclair.fr

L’Atelier de L’Eclair
Gérard Mulot
Chocolate in Paris.The best of France!
“Un Dimanche à Paris”