Azores: Journey of a Lifetime

The Azores – A Marine Paradise

A compact archipelago of tiny islands where the sperm whale and dolphin watching are pointed as the highlights.





Marine sightseeings in the Azores

Lucky you if apart from whales and dolphins incidentally watch the superfast marlins, turtles, swordfish, sharks, and seabirds. The boat tours companies cannot guarantee but take the chance and go!









Azores an Eco-tourism Secret Resort

Ecotourism, top gastronomy, whales and bird watching, trials & boat tours. Biking and hiking, water sports. An endless adventure. Welcome back to Portugal.

We bring good news. From December 2016 on, Ryanair has started flying to this destination with offers at the price of 19.99. This time Lages at Ilha Terceira and Lisbon (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) and to Porto (Tuesdays and Saturdays). We glad to count 1.000.000 Tourism visit last year. Fortunately and with so much to offer the Azores is finally competing with wonderful Madeira. For fans of sports, both islands have amazing international events all year round. Because we care about communities and don’t want to leave tourism behind we say “CHEERS AZORES”.

We remain to make efforts and hoping to see Ryanair, Easyjet or Transavia flying direct from Lisbon or Porto to ‘The Golden Island’. It’s already time to take the best of Portugal by offering this amazing ECO destination all year round.

The island archipelago of the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is a natural unique on our planet. The incredible beauty of the volcanic islands Pico and Faial, colorful flowers and a breathtaking impressive wildlife form a real paradise. The worlds most famous whale watching area contains 27 species of dolphins and whales.


Gorreana is the only tea plantation in Europe.
Gorreana is the only European tea plantation.

Gorreana, the only tea plantation in Europe – Azores and hotels available may be booked here.

National Geographic Holand and Belgium have voted the Azores the most beautiful destination in the world. Have a look at

Azores UNESCO World Heritage Site
Azores UNESCO World Heritage Site

Terceira Island
Angra do Heroismo, in the central area, Terceira Island is listed at the property which belongs to Unesco World Heritage. If you plan a visit, please see Ferry lines

Flores, Pico, São Miguel, Terceira...
Azores: Eco-tourism best destination

Flores Island

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Top attraction:
Portuguese dish “Cozido das Furnas” being prepared.

The top attraction, the typical dish “Cozido das Furnas” being prepared.

Pico Island - Azores
Pico island

Pico Island

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Yes, this is for real:

São Miguel —-Azores.

Azores for nature lovers. Voted by National Geographic has best destination worldwide.
Eco-tourism, gastronomy, ferry boat tours and hiking up the volcano . As you can see I did it myself!
Take the best of life, travel to Azores !!! If you ready to book,click here

Tea Culture Worldwide – Europeans whom have made tea history

Through the most important tea destinations

“Tea is an amazing drink. It has started wars, formed the economic backbone of several countries, is drunk on every continent and is now being hailed as a drink that can even extend life itself. Whatever it is, for me it is one of life’s essentials”.

Giles Hilton – Master of tea

Europeans that have made the tea's history
Sir Thomas Lipton (1850-1931)
Sir Thomas Lipton (1850-1931)

Sir Thomas Lipton (1850-1931)

Madame de la Sabliere in 18th century the suspected custom of taking tea with milk is attributed to her.
Madame de la Sabliere in the 18th century the suspected custom of taking tea with milk is attributed to her.
Madame de la Sabliere
Madame de la Sabliere in 18th century, 
the suspected custom of taking tea with milk is attributed to her.

Visit Whittard of Chelsea and the Twinings store at the Strand, London.

Short distance walking from Trafalgar Square. A must for tea lovers!

Twinning’s shop in London. Love it!
The tea influencer in England by the Portuguese Catarina de Bragança.
The tea influence in England by the Portuguese Catarina de Bragança.

The tea influence in England by the Portuguese Catarina de Bragança.

Infuse…help yourself with a cup of tea…Gorreana, the only tea plantation in Europe! Gorreana, in São Miguel, at the amazing Archipelago of Azores. Masala Chai Tea in India, all sorts of tea in China, from white to blue.The traditional Moroccan Mint Tea.Black tea with milk in the UK.The Japanese ceremony and its culture. The historical sights in China, the tea tours in the U.S.

10 Tea Traditions Worldwide and Tea Consumption!

Chinese Porcelain

The little Book of Tea

Flammarion presents its series of informative, richly illustrated guides, covering lifestyle and cultural topics. Find out everything you want to know about your favorite subject in one handy volume:



Where are we?! Sweden?…

Sweden: Inventing tomorrow's world

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Did you guess?!


Did you already guess?!

Stockholm our way!

If you plan a visit to Stockholm either on business or holiday carry on reading. We will provide you with many contacts and top attractions. The best tip we can give is “get the city card”. Take advantage by visiting the Tourist Information at Be ready for adventure, Stockholm has a lot to offer. Rent your SEGWAY, let the locals guide you within private TOURS by foot and by bike. Book at Top: visit GAMLA STAN and do the Ghost Walk. Have a look at Classic Boat tours can be booked online at or onboard, Nybrokajen! And at last but not the least for ” today in Stockholm ” a must: get many tastes of Sweden.

A big hello from the Swedish Institute

Let’s visit Stockholm, shall we?


Swedish Innovations: Skype and Spotify, Swedish Brain Power, Formation Flying in Space, From Oxygen to Dynamite, Metro – a Swedish Idea that changed the world


Paris c’est ci bon

Chocolate & Pastries in Paris

French Attractions Through Gastronomy.There are several  places we would like to reccommend as they are quality guranteed and new fashion.Besides who can resist these pastries…Have a look on the pictures bellow and contacts. Sweet and salted L’atelier de Éclair is situated in number 16, Rue Bachaumont.Have a look at

L’Atelier de L’Eclair
Gérard Mulot
Chocolate in Paris.The best of France!
“Un Dimanche à Paris”




Spoil yourself in Bath, England!

Bath – Breathtaking Georgian City

Welcome to Bath, a city that brings history to life! Bath City Sights, streets, museums and galleries. An author’s home and gracious Georgian city.

1 Roman Baths and Museum (Abbey Churchyard)

2 The Royal Crescent was designed by John Wood the younger and built between 1767 and 1775. In Georgian times the houses were usually rented ‘for a season’.

3 Assembly Rooms and Museum of Costume (Bennett Street)

4 The Building of Bath Museum – this museum tells the story of the creation of Georgian Bath and provides a fresh insight into how the splendid houses of this fashionable resort were designed, built, decorated and lived in.

5 Victoria Art Gallery ( Bridge Street)

6 Holburne Museum and Crafts Study Centre ( Great Pulteney Street)

7 Royal Photographic Society (Milsom Street)

8 Bath Industrial Heritage Centre (Julian Road)

9 Bath Postal Museum – a fascinating record of the development of the English post system from its earliest days. The first officially sent letter was posted from Bath in 1840.

10 Pulteney Bridge leads into Great Pulteney Street, Bath’s magnificent residential street.

Outside Bath 

The American Museum, the Stately Homes, the Picturesque Villages including Castle Combe and Lacock and other attractions such as Cheddar Gorge and caves; Longleat Safari Park, Glastonbury Tor; Wells Cathedral and The SS Great Britain.

Guided tours in Bath

In Bath enjoy a guided foot tour, bus tour, river tour or by balloon. Talking tour: Bath Abbey, Pump Rooms and Roman Baths, the Theatre Royal, the Queen Square, the Royal Crescent and its museum, the fascinating Circus, the Museum of East Asian Art, the Assembly Rooms and the beautiful Museum of Costume, the Building of Bath Museum and the Bath Postal Museum. The Pulteney Bridge and the Great Pulteney Street are both mandatory!

Main attractions in Bath, England. Visit the site for more at
Hot air balloon taking off at Victoria Park, Bath

Hot air balloon taking off in Victoria Park – Bath
There are many fantastic places on Earth and Bath-Somerset-England is for sure one of them. A perfect destination for shopping at Milsom street and a gracious Georgian city. Take the chance to visit  Jane’s Austen Museum. During the eight years she lived here, Jane Austen wrote Mansfield Park, Emma, and Persuasion, and revised Sense and Sensibility and Northanger Abbey. The historic seaside evokes the world of the most flawless of Regency novelists. The Roman Bath Spa for relaxation. The hot, mineral-rich water was the reason for Bath’s popularity. The Royal Crescent and Circus. Take the best of life and travel to Bath Somerset

By the way, if you want to eat well do not look further: Martini Restaurant is the place (Italian cuisine made by great Italian professionals). Bath is a shopper’s dream and many streets are pedestrianized and in addition to the West country’s widest range of high-quality shops running from Milsom Street down to Southgate. Bath also has an expensive network of intriguing arcades and a daily antique market. Bath is the most beautiful city in the U.K. where I had the chance to live for nearly two years.

Bath Official Site


If there were no other architectural landmarks in Bath, the Royal Crescent alone would command the visitor's attention and the historian's accolades.
The Royal Crescent

The Circus and the Crescent is probably the most beautiful sight in Bath. But there are many more.

Bath Abbey in Sommerset, England
The Abbey in Bath

The Abbey in Bath and the surrounding area with coffee shops and gardens.

Fashion Museum, Bath
Fashion Museum in Bath, Somerset
Visit Jane Austen's Museum in Bath
Jane Austen Museum and Tour, Bath, Somerset
  • Jane Austen’s Museum in Bath
  • Shopping in Bath is a dream being Milsom Street my favourite in the U.K.
  • Discover the imposing Elizabethan home of Jane’s wealthy brother Edward.
  • Enjoy the view over the city of Bath from Beechen Cliff and visit the small cliffside garden close to The Cobb in Lyme Regis planted in memory of Jane.
  • The Museum of Costume 


Lombardia! Start in Milan

24 hours in Milan is better than nothing…do you agree?

Tips of the best sights