Transportation and tours in Europe

The Prince Islands, Istanbul, Turkey
European transports and tours

Get organized before you go to Europe so you can take the best of it. Europe has great connections by train (Luxury trains, high-speed) such as Eurostar in Brussels and the Eurotúnel from Calais France to Dover England and the Eurorail and Venice Simplon Orient Express. Low cost airline companies being my favorite Easyjet and Ryanair as a second option.I have also travelled with Transavia has it also have good fares. Easyjet take us only to International airports which are always located centrally.The same we cannot say about Ryanair but with offers from 9.99 EUR it can make the journey very convenient. Make sure to book in advance.The low-cost can get more expensive than a regular airline such as British Airways or Airfrance. Better regular Airlines are Lufthansa, TAP and Best European Airline being Turkish Airlines (this one covers the entire world destinations). River cruises and European ports will be shared here. If you’re planning to rent a car you’re gonna take the best of Europe although I highly prefer public transports. There is also the option of travelling by bus. I share information that suits all budgets.You can also hitchhike in some European countries, but even though I did it at the age of 19 it will be at your own risk. I do not recommend…(Portugal, Spain, France, Muniche in Germany, Poland, Berlin to Amsterdam, Brussels, and from Paris back home to Portugal.I few months later I also hitchhiked in the Eurotúnel. TOP experience ever!

La Tour Eiffel. A few hours short break on my return from Sweden back to Lisbon.
La Tour Eiffel. A few hours short break on my return from Sweden back to Lisbon.

Love France but my appreciation to the British people is higher!!. I’ve learned much in the U.K. and I’m always looking forward to go back! I love shopping in England.Visit London, Bath, Liverpool and York!!! Go up to the Highlands of Scotland, take part of the great festival and the amazing daily scenic train journey where usually kids go free.The Jacobite is just one of them. If you google some services you might find Germany as one of the countries where you manage to do so.

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Info links / Trains in Switzerland

Visit “My Switzerland” trough their website

Euro Railways

and the Grand Train Tour Switzerland

Regarding  cruises you may wish to explore some options: Barcelona and Naples in the South of Europe.If you rather cut on budget have a look at Logitravel. You might find something really nice in Greece! A 5 days cruising for two would costs start 450 EUR (in a cabine with no sea view…)! My wishes for 2017 is to travel with Trans – Siberian in summer time and a tour in magnificent Switzerland! I’m looking forward to visit Scotland and go back to Sardinia – Italy.In the mid-time I’m taking the best of Portugal, TOP destination worldwide!

European Airlines for all budgets

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German Routes

There are many,take yours! German Routes !


up to 600 hotels available Romantische Strasse!


The Seven Dwarfs

Germany has a well-developed network of tourists routes passing
through areas of scenic or historic interest. Some of the most well-known are:

Romantic Road

Established in 1950, the route runs for 350 kilometers from northern Bavaria to the Austrian border.

Romantic Germany info and Romantic Road‘ hotels available

Route of the Emperors and Kings

One of the Germany’s oldest transit routes, running from Frankfurt am Main in the west, following the Main in the Danube rivers to Passau and then continuing to Vienna.

Wine Road

Germany’s oldest designated tourist route, passing through the vineyards of the Pfalz.

The German Wine Route for Cyclists – Vineyards as far as the eye can see

The route guides you through one of the largest wine regions in Germany, where vineyards drape the terraced slopes between the foothills of the Palatinate Forest and the Rhinland Plain. Prepare yourself for ups and downs interspersed with the occasional steep climb.

Mosel Wine Road

Follows the Mosel from Trier to Koblenz. Boat cruises are popular along this stretch of river.

German Fairy-Tale Road

This routes runs from Bremen to the River Main through many places connected with fairy tales.

How thrilling to stay in Sleeping Beauty’s castle! How funny to visit the wooden cottage where Snow White (probably) lived and see the seven dwarves’ carved beds, lined up against the wall! And as for the witch’s kitchen where Gretel cooked for a caged Hansel – why, it was the stuff of dreams!

Castle Road

Passes many fortifications in the Neckar valley between Mannheim and Heilbronn, then continues east to Nuremberg.

Black - Forest Scenic Route

One of Germany’s most famous roads, linking Baden-Baden with Freudenstadt.

Black Forest Panoramic Route, an automobile or motorcycle tour par excellence! It’s a tempting proposition that more than lives up to expectations.

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