World Heritage Spanish Cities UNESCO

Spanish Cities – UNESCO World Heritage

1 Alcala de Henares

2 Ávila: an intact medieval wall, with 88 towers and nine gateways, still circles the hilltop city of Avila, the birthplace of St. Teresa of Avila.

An intact medieval wall, with 88 towers and nine gateways, city of Avila.
The hilltop city of Avila

3 Baeza

4 Cáceres

5 Córdoba

6 Cuenca

Cuenca - Spain

7 Ibiza/Eivissa

8 Mérida

9 Salamanca is an architectural gem, with two adjoining cathedrals and a Plaza Mayor (main square) regarded as one of the finest in Spain.

Salamanca is an architectural gem.

Short break at Salamanca: Spain has the best night out and tons of cultural sites. Portugal also.

10 San Cristóbal de La Laguna

11 Santiago de Compostela

12 On the way to Segovia, the Valley of the Fallen is a bizarre and controversial memorial to the dead of Spain’s Civil War. The late dictator Francisco Franco is buried there.

Segovia, Spain
Segovia – UNESCO Cultural Site

13 Tarragona

14 Toledo

15 Ubeda

46 Properties inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO