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Beautiful Minang women wearing traditional costume (West Sumatra)
Beautiful Minang women wearing traditional costume (West Sumatra)
International Festivals and Events
International Festivals and Events Sardinia – Italy


Women is beautiful no matter where we are. Do you agree?!

Even though they have still no social recognition in some world regions they stand for beauty and certainly the traditional costumes represent each country.We don’t go over cultural aspects. We intend to show what each country and attractions through women you feel connected the most.

Have a look on some of the rich and tradtitional costumes that represent each culture.

Even though the fashion trend varied over time, there are several types that are popular till today both at home and abroad. Have a look on some!

Through your eyes…can you vote for the most beautiful?



Saudi Arabia

Arabia Saudita


Tunisia – Traditional Costumes

Tunisia - Traditional costumes
Tunisia – Traditional costumes



Attire was first introduced to protect man from the components. It has come by its present forms as a consequence of the impact of social and moral ethics.

Japanase Traditional Costumes

Japanase Traditional Costumes
Japanase Traditional Costumes

Traditional dresses deliver considerable evidence about the workings of a culture. Above the Japanese Kimono is used more than just in certain occasions.

Portugal – The Minho Region

Portugal - The Minho Region
Portugal – The Minho Region

Mongolian Traditional Costumes

Mongolian Traditional Costumes




The Philippines



National Geographic goes deeper on this topic.





9 Museums in Europe

Titanic Museum

In Belfast is worth the visit. Besides you can take an afternoon luxury tea. Great to know that all the areas of the museum are full accessed with some restrictions on the Shipyard Ride.

The Orangerie Museum

An Impressionist Treasury in Paris.Rates can be found at the website. A nice place to be visited by families and groups. In same cases they are free. Check it out at

Port Wine Museum

One of the most important Great Wine Capitals. At the Douro Valley Region experience the Port and Vinho Verde, unique of Portugal.

Jewish Museum in Prague

World culture heritage. A must see after Auschwitz. Travel is culture. Explore the exhibitions through the year round.

Sigmund Freud Museum

Welcoming visitors since 1971. The decoration was also been made with the help of Anna freud. They have a special exhibition now: “So this is the strong Sex”

Vienna in Austria is Art, Music and Culture. Besides you can enjoy the most beautiful coffee shops.

Musical Instrument Museum

A collection of 3500 instruments from the 16th century this is worth to be seen in Berlin. From Baroque to precursors to the synthesizer. This is also house for the Institute of Musical Research. On Sundays at 11.00am visitors are presented with real life music. The price vary from 6 to 3 euros.

National Art Museum

A Royal Palace that was build in 1812 in Bucharest and became a royal residence in 1859. The museum hosts several contemporary exhibitions. It´s free on the first Wednesday of the month.


The world’s leading museum of art and design in London

Undressed: a Brief History of Underwear is on now until, Sunday 12 March 2017.

Some exhibitions are free some other events carry a different charge

For more details, please, visit

Jane Austen Centre

Bath itself is for sure a great british destination. Fullfill the visit by viting the museum just at the City center. It’s open every single day. Around the corner you can find the best italian restaurant of the town: Martini Restaurant! And then go down Milsom Street for absolutely amazing shopping…


Take the best of life, travel !!!